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Bipap Cpap Full Face Mask

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Whether it’s a patient suffering from an acute attack of asthma or chronic obstructive lung disease, treatment for sleep apnea or a new-born that needs to be resuscitated, CPAP ( Continuous positive airway pressure) and BIPAP ( Bilevel positive airway pressure) is often the last-ditch effort when drugs and oxygen supplementation has failed. A proper face mask is thus essential to prevent any sort of technical difficulty during these resuscitative procedures. The CPAP/BIPAP Full Face Mask is exactly what is needed to ensure proper application of these methods, and an effective cure.

Key Features:
Innovative and Unique: The full face mask has a 3*2 gears forehead frame, which is the latest technology that ensures effectiveness, and thus makes this product very different from others in the market.
Easy to use: The mask is provided with easy to attach and detach clips
Available in various sizes: The product is available in 3 sizes,small, medium and large, making it usable for a wide range of ages.

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