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Beurer Seat Massager MG 155

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Driving for a long time or working for continuous hours can cause tiredness in the body. Every individual likes getting a massage after a long hectic day. But owing to busy schedules it might get difficult to visit a spa on a regular basis. Do not worry, the Beurer Seat Massager MG 135 can provide the same comfort just by sitting in the home without requiring any extra setup. The equipment produces relaxing vibration massage which enables people to feel good and relaxed. The car adapter allows people to use this massage seat even in the car.

Product Description:

This equipment is perfect for a back massage with heat covering the spine and the muscle groups. It provides a soothing and comfortable massage to the users. This can be used on all seats with sufficient seat depth and backrest. It provides a soothing back heat and thus is best for relieving back pain caused due to long journeys. 

Key Features:

Easy to use – This can be easily operated with a manual control switch.

Durable – It is attached using flexible fixing bands for which it is strong and sturdy.

Five vibrator motors – It includes five vibrator motors through which the circulation of blood in the body can be adjusted according to the needs of the user.

Very functional – It proves to be effective for backaches.

Multifunctional – It is used in the office, home, etc. It can also be used in the car with the help of a car adapter. 

Country of Origin
Brand NameBeurer
Brand OriginGermany
Address of entityBeurer UK Limited, Suite 9, Stonecross Place, Yew Tree Way, Golborne, WA3 2SH
Country of OriginGermany

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