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Beurer Infrared Massager MG21

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Beurer Infrared Massager MG21 — Power of Vigour at Your Disposal!


What could be better than a soothing massage at the end of your tiring day? Forget about the stinging expenses and bring home the Beurer Infrared Massager. Give yourself a convenient massage session; melt away your stress and unwind your body into soothing bliss!

Product description:

A good massage has various benefits: increased blood circulation, increased vitality, reduced stress, anxiety, depression, blood pressure and healthier and more flexible muscles. Adding the mix of Infrared light causes the benefits to magnify by a decent margin, plus it has its own benefits. It increases skin blood circulation without increasing blood pressure, purifies blood, eases joint pain, increases cardiovascular strength, reduces inflammation and muscle stiffness. Beurer has brought you a delicate balance of massage and infrared therapy in one handy device!

Key benefits:

  • Three attachments: The Beurer Infrared Massager comes with three attachments (2x nub attachments and brush attachment) so you may personalise your daily massage sessions and get the most out of it.
  • Two functions levels: You can choose between normal massage and infrared massage, by a simple switch!
  • Ergonomic Design: The Beurer Infrared Massager has been designed to be used easily and effectively. No hassles at all!

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