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Beurer BM28 Blood Pressure Monitor with Adaptor (White)

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How many times have you dreaded when the doctor told you to record BP regularly in your house and you didn’t know how to? Well, we hear you and want to say, your dreading days are over. The Beurer 28 BP Monitor is an automatic BP sensing device that inflates and deflates on its own to give you an accurate result. The upper arm blood pressure monitor comes with an alarm function and memory setting of 4*30 measurements, thus allowing 4 users to use this device both for measurements and monitoring as a wide array of previous data is already saved. 

The Beurer 28 BP monitor is an automated device that not only measures upper arm blood pressure proficiently but also helps in follow up as it can store 4*30 measurements, meaning 4 users can use this device at once. The digital screen display provides the reading of BP clearly in big digits. The universal cuff with a circumference of 42 cm makes it suitable for use by a wide range of users. Not only does this product record BP but also, detects an arrhythmia, but also charts the relative risk associated with blood pressure measurements. 

Key Features: 

Unparalleled accuracy: The product comes with a big digital screen which shows the accurate BP reading which it detects very efficiently. Besides, it can pick up aberrant heart rates too, and thus report arrhythmia as well. 

Universal cuff: The cuff has a circumference of standard 42cm which allows a wide range of users to accurately measure their BP through this. 

Memory settings: The BP device comes with a memory setting of the previous 30 measurements available on a click. This feature helps a person keep track of his blood pressure over a long period of time.

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