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Bain Circuit Anesthesia Delivery System - Pack of 2

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A Bain circuit is an anaesthetic delivery device that links the airway of a patient to the anaesthetic machine. It generates an artificial environment in which the patient breathes in and out.


Bain circuits are derived mostly from the basic T-pice system and a variation of the Mapleson D system. It consists of a corrugated tube with an expiratory valve leading to a tube and a reservoir bag.


When the patient inhales new gas from the outside reservoir tube and exhales into the reservoir tube, this mechanism ensures the use of waste anaesthetic gases. These are often lighter and more convenient for administering anaesthetic, even for a surgical procedure.


Key features:

  • It is a lightweight, portable anaesthetic delivery device.
  • The Bain Circuit Adult has a 22 mm corrugated tube, an expiratory valve, and a 2 litre antistatic bag.
  • Bain circuits employ a high fresh gas flow to give anaesthetic gases to the patient's airway while also washing off exhaled carbon dioxide.
  • An inner corrugated tube transports fresh gases, while an outside corrugated tube acts as an exit for exhaled gases. A Bain circuit prevents exhaled gases from being re-breathed.
  • One of the most significant advantages of these bain circuits is their small size and low cost. They also assist waste gas scavenging, have little dead space, and provide less resistance to breathing.
  • It is strongly advised to use a bain circuit with extreme caution since there is a significant danger that the inner tube of the bain circuit may break or get detached, resulting in the entire system becoming dead space.


Components of a bain circuit include:

They are made up of several parts, including a fresh gas flow, a reservoir bag, breathing tubes, an expiratory valve, and a patient connection.


  • Experty Valve:  These bain circuits are equipped with expert valves, which make their operation considerably easier by limiting airflow in whichever way is required.
  • Rebreathing bag & tubing: These bain circuits come equipped with rebreathing bags and tubing.


Available Sizes :


It is offered in two sizes: adult and kid, allowing it to be used on a wide range of patients with varying needs and sizes.

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