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Bain Circuit Anesthesia Delivery System

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Bain circuits are essentially anaesthesia delivery system, developed from the basic T pice system and the modification of the Mapleson D system. It includes a corrugated tube, that also has an expiratory valve leading to a tube and a reservoir bag. This device which ensures the usage of waste anaesthetic gases, functions when the patient inhales fresh gas from the outer reservoir tube and exhales into the reservoir tube. These are generally lightweight and overall more convenient for applying anaesthesia, whether for a surgical procedure, as well.

Key features:
a) Experty Valve:  These bain circuits are equipped with expert valves, which makes its functioning much easier by restricting airflow, whichever way necessary.
 b) With rebreathing bag & tubing: These bain circuits come originally with rebreathing bags as well as tubing.
 c) Available Sizes: It is available in two sizes- Adults and children, thus ensuring that they can be used on a wide spectrum of patients, with different requirements and sizes.

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