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Tynor Lumbo Lacepull Brace Universal Size - 28-inch to 40-inch

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Lumbo Lacepull brace is an ergonomically designed, fully adjustable brace that provides pain relief in the lower back. The back-support belt comes with a semi-rigid posterior back panel and multiple pulley-driven pull mechanism that gives you the power to control the belt, as per your comfort. The independent pressuring effects make it usable for people of all ages.

Product Description:

Lumbo lacepull brace allows users to take control over their lumbar spine’s position through its multiple pulley-driven pull mechanism.The product comes with a semi-rigid posterior back panel and is designed ergonomically. It encompasses a wide range of body types and age groups.

Size: Waist – 28-40 (inches) | 70-100 cm

Key Benefits:

  • Easy to use for the elderly: Users can achieve high compression and immobilization with a very less force using the tension straps—something that makes it usable for people of all ages. Especially, for the elderly.
  • Premium design and ventilation: It is well-ventilated and the ergonomic design allows the back support belt to change the degree of compression while wearing.
  • Independent pressure with Lace-pull mechanism: The mechanism allows users to control the pressure put on thoracic and lumbar vertebrae.
  • Lumbar IVD decompression: It compresses and stretches the abdominal cavity upwards to provide perfect decompression to Lumbar IVD.
  • Lumbo lace pull brace
  • Advanced design
  • Semi rigid
  • Controlled Compression
  • Independent pressuring effects
  • Stabilize lower back pain
  • Ergonomic design
  • Back  Imobilization.
  • Lace pull Mechanism
  • Anatomical Back Panel
  • Independent top- bottom Pressure Control
  • Highly porous body
  • Postoperative stabilization
  • Multi level decompression

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