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Obstetrical Baby Forcep Stainless Steel

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When vaginal delivery becomes difficult and requiresassistance, doctors use the Obstetrical Forceps, which is commonly called baby forceps. The forceps assist in rotatingand pulling the baby's head out while decreasing mother and fetal mortality.


  • Large Blades that Easily Fit the Baby's Head.
  • Lock Mechanism Promoting Self-Retaining Clamping.
  • Plier Grip Style Handle Ensuring Maximum Control.
  • A pair of long, fenestrated blades equipped with deepcurves.
  • Ideal design to embrace the fetal head and rotate it foradequate delivery.
  • Small, grip style handle with a secure lock.
  • The lock permits self-retaining clamping to control device‚Äôsmovement during the procedure.
  • Premium grade stainless steel


28 cm (11 Inch)
Stainless Steel

Obstetrical Baby Forcep Stainless Steel FAQ

Q: What is an Obstetrical Baby Forcep?

A: An Obstetrical Baby Forcep, also known as baby forceps, is a specialized surgical instrument used during difficult vaginal deliveries. It is designed to assist healthcare professionals in rotating and gently guiding the baby's head out of the birth canal, thereby reducing the risks associated with prolonged labor.

Q: What are the features of Obstetrical Baby Forceps?

A: Obstetrical Baby Forceps possess several key features to aid in safe and effective childbirth assistance. These include:
Large Blades: The forceps are equipped with large blades that are specifically designed to fit around the baby's head, providing a secure grip for manipulation during delivery.
Lock Mechanism: The forceps feature a lock mechanism that ensures self-retaining clamping, allowing the healthcare professional to maintain control over the instrument's movement during the delivery process.
Plier Grip Style Handle: The forceps have a handle designed in a plier grip style, providing maximum control and ease of use for the healthcare professional.
Fenestrated Blades: The blades have fenestrations (openings) to accommodate the baby's head and facilitate a better grip.
Curved Design: The blades have deep curves that conform to the shape of the fetal head, allowing for appropriate rotation and delivery.
Premium Grade Stainless Steel: The forceps are manufactured using high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability, resistance to corrosion, and compatibility with sterilization processes.

Q: When are Obstetrical Baby Forceps used?

A: Obstetrical Baby Forceps are used in situations where vaginal delivery becomes challenging or prolonged. They may be employed when there is a need to assist in the rotation and extraction of the baby's head during childbirth. The decision to use forceps is made by healthcare professionals based on careful evaluation and assessment of the mother and baby's condition, considering factors such as maternal exhaustion, fetal distress, or other complications that warrant instrumental assistance.

Q: How do Obstetrical Baby Forceps facilitate childbirth?

A: Obstetrical Baby Forceps play a crucial role in assisting childbirth by providing additional traction and manipulation to guide the baby's head through the birth canal. The forceps are carefully applied around the baby's head, allowing the healthcare professional to rotate it if necessary and facilitate controlled delivery. By providing external support and assistance, the forceps can help ensure a safer and smoother vaginal delivery process.

Q: Is the size of the Obstetrical Baby Forceps important?

A: Yes, the size of the Obstetrical Baby Forceps is an important consideration. The specified size for this instrument is 28 cm (11 inches), which indicates the length of the forceps. The size selection is based on various factors, including the gestational age of the baby, the position and descent of the fetal head, and the specific requirements of the delivery procedure. Healthcare professionals will determine the appropriate size to ensure a proper fit and optimal use during the delivery.

Q: Are Obstetrical Baby Forceps reusable?

A: Yes, Obstetrical Baby Forceps are reusable instruments. They are made from high-quality stainless steel, which allows for repeated use after proper cleaning and sterilization. It is crucial to follow the recommended cleaning and sterilization protocols provided by the manufacturer and healthcare regulatory guidelines to maintain the integrity and safety of the instrument.

Q: What is the finish of the Obstetrical Baby Forceps?

A: The Obstetrical Baby Forceps have a satin finish. The satin finish provides a smooth and non-reflective surface, reducing glare during the procedure and improving visibility for the healthcare professional.

Q: Can Obstetrical Baby Forceps be used in all childbirth cases?

A: Obstetrical Baby Forceps are used in specific cases where vaginal delivery becomes

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