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B Braun Certofix Trio V715

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Kit consists of:

- Valve needle = V (Allows guidewire insertion and aspiration without disconnecting the syringe. Prevents air embolism and excessive blood loss during guidewire insertion)

- Seldinger needle = S (Active safety clip (after use) to prevent needle stick injury)

- Certofix

- Kink-proof guide-wire with flexible J-tip

- Omnifix Luer-Lock syringe, 5 ml

- Cutfix scalpel (The scalpel can be slid back into the housing and blocked to prevent sharps injury)

- Dilator

- Triple-lumen catheter (Distal = 16 G; Middle = 18 G; Proximal = 18 G)

- Benefits:

- Safe & certain positioning
- Real-time ECG-lead position verification
- Clear connection lines
- Atraumatic catheter soft tip
- Avoid drug incompatibility
Triple-lumen catheter set for catheterization of the vena cava according to the Seldinger method with the possibility of ECG based Central Venous Catheter tip placement and position control
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Certofix Trio
Set consists of:

Valve needle (V) or Seldinger needle (S) (depending on set configuration)
Kink-proof guide wire with flexible J-tip
Triple-lumen catheter: Soft catheter tip / X-ray detectable, opaque / Three lumen: distal = 16 G; middle = 18 G; proximal = 18 G / Length markings / Color-coded Luer-Lock hubs / Fixation wings at the channel junction for securing the catheter
Movable fixation with fixation wings for catheter fixation at the puncture site
Cable for ECG monitoring
Safsite® connector
Omnifix® syringe

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