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Ashton UK Glucometer Machine and 60 Strips

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Diabetic ketoacidosis is a dreaded complication of diabetes, where the body produces harmful ketone bodies. It requires immediate treatment. The Ashton Glucometer sends you a warning for ketosis so you can be aware of the complication and get treated as needed.

Diabetes Mellitus is a debilitating condition that carries with it several harmful complications. Unchecked blood sugar levels can severely damage several organs leading to neuropathies, nephropathies, and ophthalmopathy. Fortunately, diabetes can be kept under check by medication and a healthy lifestyle. A big part of being safe with diabetes is keeping your blood sugar in check by monitoring it regularly. The Ashton Glucometer becomes your constant companion in your fight to keep normal blood sugar levels.

The Ashton UK Glucometer is a handheld device that makes blood sugar estimation easy, affordable, and convenient. It measures your blood glucose levels with definite accuracy of ±20%, if your sugar levels are above 75mg/dl. It also has a high precision level within 5?viations from the standard. With a low reaction time of under 5 seconds, you can get your results quickly. This is especially useful if you have hypoglycemia on exceeding your medication dose and need glucose administration. The GDH-FAD enzyme is rather commonly elevated in diabetic patients and this enzyme monitoring lends a high sensitivity to the glucometer, eliminating the risk of false negatives.

Key Features:

No coding required.

Alternative Site Testing so can be used on multiple body sites.

Before or after meal, hence measuring both fasting and postprandial values.

150 memory storage.

Portable, weighing at only 26.2 grams.

Quality tested

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