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Arogya Oxygen And Blood Circulation Machine (5 In 1) BCM Energy 726

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Improper oxygen and blood circulation in the body is the cause of several health problems, such as muscle stiffness, joint pains, digestive problems, weakness and even cognitive dysfunctions. Arogya Oxygen and Blood Circulation Machine helps maintain blood and oxygen circulation throughout the body by producing vibrations from the feet, distributing them to the whole body. These vibrations create rapid and very intense muscle contractions, about 30-50 times in a second, which improves blood and oxygen supply to the brain. Through high vibrations, the machine produces helix circulations which encourage blood flow.

Key Benefits:

  1. This machine provides stimulation to acupressure points through acupressure therapy.
  2. Corrects the body's magnetic balance and creates a healing effect on the body.
  3. Through metal therapy, the machine improves circulation of various organs and promotes their well being.
  4. Vibration therapy helps to unclog blood vessels and ensure better flow to all organs.
  5. The infrared mode uses the combination of both massage and heat to cure muscle stiffness and rheumatic arthritis

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