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Anti Slip Gel Moisturizing Socks for Dry and Rough Foot Skin Care

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Your feet are the workhorses of your body and deserve the utmost care and comfort. They bear the burden of your body and more often than not get the least attention, so you better keep your feet healthy, comfortable, and happy. The most convenient way of keeping your feet soft and healthy is by using gel moisturizing socks that effortlessly work on dry and rough foot skin and care for your feet. 

Product description:

These moisturizing gel socks come with the goodness of Jojoba oil, lavender oil, and vitamin E that help you take care of feet by gently moisturizing them and keeping them hydrated. This comfortable pair of socks are stretchable and anti-slip, thus provide the required grip for proper movement. These socks come in an ergonomic design and are universal size making them good wear for all. 

Key Features:

Ergonomic design, soft and comfortable- Makes walking around and even standing on feet a comfortable activity and makes sure to protect you from nasty shoe bites when worn inside the footwear. 

Contains jojoba oil, lavender oil, and vitamin E- These ingredients come in gel form and keep your feet moisturized and the skin supple and healthy. 

Gel Lining on the whole foot: Ensures that the entire foot gets moisturized and softens the skin.

Anti-Slip Socks- Saves you from slipping, thus avoids any injuries

Universal Size- They come in a universal size and can fit almost anyone. 

Manufacturer/Importer/Marketed By
Brand NameAktive Life
Brand OriginIndia
Address of entityB-65, Okhla Industrial Area Ph - 1, New Delhi - 110020
India Helpline Number8586012345
Country of OriginPRC (China)

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