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Advance Trauma Simulator

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Full body life-like male manikin specially designed for professional trauma nursing care. High quality

manikin provides wide range of exercise:

  • Color : Skin 
  • Material : PVC

Trauma Nursing Skills:

  • Bed bathes, dressing and undressing
  • Hair washing
  • Face washing
  • Irrigation of the eyes and ears
  • Oral cavity care
  • Oxygen inhalation
  • Nasal feeding
  • Lavage
  • Oral cavity intubations
  • Nasal cavity intubations
  • Tracheotomy care
  • Organs cavity of thorax
  • Venipuncture and injection, transfusion
  • Deltoid injection
  • Male urethral catheterization
  • Female urethral catheterization
  • Gluteus injection
  • Ostomy irrigation
  • Organs structure of abdominal cavity

Trauma Evaluating Module:

  • Opened fracture on right hand (including parenchyma, laceration, fracture and bone tissue exposure)
  • gun wound in the right palm opened fracture in the right thigh bone
  • closed tibia fracture on right leg and contusion wounds in left ankle and foot.
  • opened numerous fracture of right upper arm opened clavicular fracture and contusion wound on the chesta wound in the abdomen with small intension evisceration.
  • compound femur fracture on left thigh.
  • metal pricking wound in left thigh.
  • opened tibia fracture of right leg.
  • opened fracture of right foot with truncating trauma on small phalanx.
  • burns in left forearm 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree.
  • truncating trauma on left thigh.
  • facial burns of 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree.

  • laceration in forehead the wound in jaw.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q: What nursing skills can be practiced with the full-body manikin?

A: The manikin is designed for a wide range of trauma nursing exercises, including bed baths, dressing/undressing, hair and face washing, eye/ear irrigation, oral cavity care, oxygen inhalation, feeding, and more.

Q: Does the manikin cover male and female catheterization procedures?

A: Yes, it includes both male and female urethral catheterization as part of the trauma nursing skills.

Q: Can I practice injection techniques with this manikin?

A: Absolutely, the manikin allows practice of various injection techniques, including venipuncture, deltoid injection, gluteus injection, and more.

Q: What trauma scenarios are covered in the evaluating module?

A: The evaluating module includes scenarios such as opened fractures, gun wounds, contusions, burns, and lacerations in different body parts, providing a comprehensive trauma evaluation experience.

Q: Is the manikin suitable for practicing tracheotomy care?

A: Yes, tracheotomy care is among the trauma nursing skills covered by the manikin, allowing for realistic training in this critical procedure.

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