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Adhesive Electrodes Pack of 1 -Contains 4

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Adhesive Electrodes — from diagnosis to cure

Adhesive electrodes have brought major breakthroughs in the field of sciences, especially in the field of medical science and research. From diagnosis of various neurological diseases, to keep track of patients’ parameters while treatment and curing them — one tiny device facilitates it all!

Product description:

Electrodes are becoming indispensable due to their applications in various scenarios. Psychologist and Neuroscientists use them to study and research the brain and its complex multi-dimensional functions. They are crucial to diagnose and cure various psychological and neurological diseases and disorders, like Alzheimer’s disease and OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Doctors use electrodes to keep track of vital parameters to save countless lives in the operation theatre. Therapists also use pulse electrodes to alleviate pain and re-strengthen injured muscles. Understanding the vital role of electrodes, we aim to manufacture them with uncompromising standards and precision.

Key Features:

  • Works with TENS, EMS and compatible pulse massagers: TENS and EMS are two therapeutic application of electric current to reduce acute, chronic, labour pain and physiotherapy, respectively. These adhesive electrodes will work with any compatible pulse massagers as well.
  • Best Quality adhesive: The professional-grade electrode pads have been manufactured keeping in mind reusability with best adhesive gel.
  • Multi purpose use with very good quality of adhesive
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