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AccuSure Sensor 4th Generation Glucometer Machine with 25 Strips

Expiry : Aug, 2022

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With every passing year, diabetes is becoming a household name, isn't it? Such a widespread disease can't be managed without proper domiciliary care, and so the AccuSure Sensor 4th Generation Glucometer Machine with 25 strips is possibly the exact thing you need. This 4th generation blood sugar monitor comes with a unique set of properties to make regular testing of blood glucose level hassle-free.

Product Description:

The AccuSure Sensor 4th Generation Glucometer Machine with 25 strips is of the size of a pocket device and so it can be carried along without any problem whatsoever. The product box contains the main unit, a carrying pouch, a needle gun, 10 lancet(needles), and 25 extra strips.

The product comes with a reminder alarm helping the patient to check his blood sugar daily even if the patient forgets. The 1000 memory positions allow easy monitoring and detect aberrations if any. 

For making the testing process easier than never before, the product comes with 2 properties. No manual coding is necessary for this device to begin and once the test is initiated, it takes just 5 mins to get the result. 

Key Features:

No manual coding: Mostly, glucometer devices need a chip, or code number to be entered in order to set the calibrations right for the further calculation. This AccuSure Sensor Glucometer has an in-built code inside the device saving the patient some time. 

Great battery life: A total of 1000 tests can be done before fretting about the battery dying out. 

Ketone warning: Complications of this disease are widespread, and the presence of ketone bodies in the blood is one of them. In order to achieve that extra level of safety, this product comes with a system that can warn about rising ketone levels in the blood. 

Simple and reliable: The Glucometer is a small pocket-friendly device that comes with easy calculation procedures. The accurate results it provides helps the patients correctly discern their condition. 

Reminder alarm: The reminder alarm comes in handy, as the daily activity of checking blood glucose can be easily forgotten and neglected. However, this product doesn't allow you to neglect your health.

Product Specifications:

Model Name :Sensor 4th Generation GDH FAD ENZYME ISO 15197: 2015

Model Number: AP-10

Color: Black

Minimum Blood Sample Needed: 0.6 mg/dl

Measuring Range: 10 -750 mg/dl

Number of Strips: 25 Strips

Number of Lancets:10 Lancets

Measuring Time: 5 sec

Display Type: LCD

Memory: 1000

Sales Package: Glucometer, 25 Test strips, 10 Lancets, Carrying Pouch, Pricker

Warranty: Lifetime on Glucometer 

Country of Origin
Brand NameAccusure
Brand OriginIndia
Address of entityMicroGene Diagnostic Systems Pvt Ltd 806,Vikram Tower Rajendra Place New-Delhi-110008
India Helpline Number9810976772
Product Warranty3 Years
Country of OriginTaiwan

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