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AccuSure Hot Cold Pack

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Injuries, sprains, and pains can slow you down but 21st-century life doesn't wait for anyone. To keep your body functioning at its best, soothing and efficient therapy is the best-suited solution. When it comes to therapy, the AccuSure Hot & Cold Pack for Pain Relief is the most premium product on the market.

Product description: 

Exercise, exertion, and poor posture can strain your body and if left unattended, can snowball into complicated injuries. With the AccuSure Hot & Cold Pack say goodbye to soreness, body ache, and inflammation in a jiffy. With its unique design and dual formula for pain relief, enjoy both hot and cold therapy for maximum healing. The heat increases blood flow, relaxes, and soothes muscles and damaged tissues. Cold therapy or cryotherapy reduces inflammation and swelling. It can be useful in reducing muscle spasms and ligament sprains. Travel-friendly, easy to use, and affordable – get your hands on the AccuSure Hot & Cold Pack today! 

Key Benefits: 

Multipurpose: Provides instant relief from muscle pain, body aches, injuries, sprains and wounds. 

User friendly: AccuSure Hot & Cold Pack is easy to use, bacteria-free and odour free. With its smart technology – replace ice bags, hot water bottles and heating pads easily. 

Travel friendly: Compact and lightweight, carry your Hot & Cold Pack everywhere you go. 

How to use: To use the cold pack effectively, store it in a plastic sealable bag and put it in the freezer for a minimum of two hours for results.

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Brand NameAccusure
Brand OriginIndia
Address of entity806,Vikram Tower Rajendra Place New-Delhi-110008
India Helpline Number9810976772
Country of OriginTaiwan

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