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Accusure F56 Body Fat Analyzer with Weight BMI Body Fat Index

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Are you a gym freak? Or are you a health-conscious person who could reach any limits to maintain his/her physique? Or do you think you’re prone to gaining unnecessary body fat? In any of the cases, or more, keeping a check on your body fat on a regular basis can get difficult. What you need is the Accusure f56 Body Fat Analyzer with weight, BMI, body fat index. This device has been designed uniquely to provide a lot of information along with your weight, body fat, and much more.

Product Description :

The Accusure f56 Body Fat Analyzer is a unique device which has been designed to check your body fat accurately. It will also measure weight, inform about body fat index, body mass index (BMI), etc. This device sends a very small and absolutely harmless electric signal throughout the body. The device then detects the amount of fat in the body according to the speed at which the signal travels. If the signal travels slowly, it means the body has more amount of fat.

Key Features :

  • Weight Scale – The Accusure f56 body fat analyzer comes with a weight scale, indicating accurate body weight to the user.
  • Muscles Percentage –This device also has the feature of indicating muscle percentage in the user’s body.
  • Bone Mass –This device has been designed to detect the bone mass of the user too.
  • Body Fat Index – This device accurately measures the body fat index of the user and lets the user know about the fat percentage in the body.
  • Body Water Index – device can also measure the body water index of the user.
  • Calorie Analysis –This device is also known for its ideal calorie analysis.
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