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Accusure BP Machine Glucometer and Onyx Insulin Pouch Dr. Odin Sanitizer and Mouth Wash Combo for Diabetics

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Meddey brings you a very useful combo of home healthcare devices - must have for people using insulin regularly :

1) Accusure Advanced Digital BP Monitor Model As with 1 Year Warranty

2) Accusure Simple Glucometer with 25 Strips Free with 5 Year Warranty

3) Dia Cool Insulin Carring Pouch 

4) Dr Odin Hand Sanitizer Neem 100ml

5) Dr Odin Mouth Wash 150ml

A) AccuSure AS Automatic and Advance Feature Blood Pressure Monitoring System

AccuSure AS Automatic and Advance Feature Blood Pressure Monitoring System is accurate, precise and extremely easy to use, it comes with a multitude of special features, which distinguishes the product from similar ones in the market. This intelligently designed, hi-tech product is the product you have always been looking for.

Key Features :

  • User-Friendly: The product is provided with an extra large LCD screen, auto sense technology as well as an easy to use one touch operation. The controls are simple, and thus ensures that anyone can use it. You don’t need a doctor’s help anymore to monitor your blood pressure; you can very well do it on your own every day.
  • Accurate:The machine is equipped with a high precision strain gauge sensor system, thus making the readings accurate. Most blood pressure monitoring machines in the market have been accused of providing inaccurate readings. The technology used in this one ensures the readings are precise.
  • Use anytime, anywhere:Small and easy to carry around, it is provided with a USB port. You can carry it around, even on trips, and never miss out on monitoring your blood pressure.

B) AccuSure Glucometer with 25 Test Strips

Accu Sure Simple Glucometer comes with 25 strips. These strips are to be used in Accusure Easy Touch Gluco Meter.  They are a must-have for a healthy lifestyle.

Key Benefits :

  • Helps in keeping a check on the blood glucose
  • Easy to read and comprehend the results
  • Accurate results and quick response time
  • Utilized for arterial, capillary, venous and neonatal blood glucose levels
  • Easy to operate by oneself

C) Dia Cool Insulin Carrying Pack

Diabetes is a debilitating disease that, besides carrying its own set of morbidities, exposes patients to several other co morbidities. Keeping your blood sugar in check by administering insulin when needed is vital to avoid nephropathies, neuropathies and infections. However, insulin often gets damaged at high temperatures, rendering it useless, which can prove fatal in emergency spikes in blood sugar. The Dia Cool Insulin Carrying Pack keeps insulin cool up to 6 to 8 hours depending on outside temperature.

For travelers or for people who spend long hours outdoors, having diabetes can be really worrying. Our cooling pouch enables you to get rid of both your tension and your blood sugar. The wallet has 2 removable non-toxic water-based gel-filled panels on the sides of the bag. These panels can also be used for cold therapy if needed. All you need to do is fill the bag with the insulin syringes you need and you are safe and covered. The panels need to be frozen overnight, for a minimum of 12 hours, the day before you plan to travel. They just need to be inserted into your pouch, and will be ready for any temperature-sensitive medication. 

D) Dr Odin Hand Sanitizer Neem 100ml 

Purodin Hand Sanitizer protects you from the transference of germs from your hands anytime, anywhere without soap or water and is rinse-free and nonsticky. Be 100% sure with Purodin Hand Sanitizer and protect yourself from 100 illness-causing germs including Coronavirus and other germs & bacterias. It contains 70% Alcohol.

E) Dr Odin Mouth Wash 150ml

Dr. Odin Odinox mouth wash is a concentrate of organic herbs and natural nutrients formulated to provide long lasting oral hygiene and powerful germ defense. With potent action against microbes, it effectively provides a shield protection from bacteria, airborne germs, allergens and toxins, controlling the spread of illness causing germs and bacteria.

Key Features :

  • Alcohol Free Oral Care
  • Germ protection
  • PH Balanced
  • Antimicrobial
  • Pure Organics
  • Zero Synthetics

Tips for Care :

  • Do Not Swallow
  • For 30 minutes after rinsing avoid eating/drinking anything
  • Rinse twice a day morning and night after brushing
Country of Origin
Brand NameAccusure, Dr Odin, Onyx
Brand OriginIndia
Address of entityMicroGene Diagnostic Systems Pvt Ltd 806,Vikram Tower Rajendra Place New-Delhi-110008
India Helpline Number8586012345
Product Warranty1 Year for BP, 3 Years for Glucometer
Country of OriginPeople's Republic of China (P.R.C), India

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