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AccuSure AS Extra Large LCD and WHO Approved BP Machine

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Are you taking medication for high blood pressure? Are you constantly worrying about the instant your pressure may cross the upper limit and lead to severe consequences? You can wave those worry-induced wrinkles goodbye, the AccuSure AS Automatic and Advance Feature Blood Pressure Monitoring System is exactly the product you need. Not only is it accurate, precise and extremely easy to use, it comes with a multitude of special features, which distinguishes the product from similar ones in the market. This intelligently designed, hi-tech product is the product you have always been looking for.

Product Description :

Are you a known hypertensive patient and are required to regularly monitor your blood pressure? Fear not, for you don’t need to visit a doctor for this every single day. Whether you are worried about an impending rise in blood pressure, or feel a little dizzy in the morning and need to check if your pressure has fallen, you can simply use this device. Provided with technology which makes it accurate, this machine can thus provides precise readings. Do you suffer from any associated heart disease? This monitor can help you out, it detects an irregular heartbeat. Provided with Auto- Sense technology, as well as an extra-large LCD screen, it is simple and reliable.

Key Features :

  • User-Friendly: The product is provided with an extra large LCD screen, auto sense technology as well as an easy to use one touch operation. The controls are simple, and thus ensures that anyone can use it. You don’t need a doctor’s help anymore to monitor your blood pressure; you can very well do it on your own every day.
  • Accurate: The machine is equipped with a high precision strain gauge sensor system, thus making the readings accurate. Most blood pressure monitoring machines in the market have been accused of providing inaccurate readings. The technology used in this one ensures the readings are precise.
  • Use anytime, anywhere: Small and easy to carry around, it is provided with a USB port. You can carry it around, even on trips, and never miss out on monitoring your blood pressure.

Additional Features:

It comes with an extra large LCD display. It is easy to use.

Manufacturer/Importer/Marketed By
Brand NameAccusure
Brand OriginIndia
Address of entity806,Vikram Tower Rajendra Place New-Delhi-110008
India Helpline Number9810976772
Product Warranty1 Year
Country of OriginPRC (China)

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