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Accu Chek Instant Glucometer with Dr. Odin BP Machine

Expiry : Jul, 2023

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Bring home this handy combo of BP machine along with a Glucometer machine to keep tabs on your health every day. The Glucose machine would help you perform routine check-ups on your glucose levels—which would allow you and your doctor to manage your health. On top of that, the fully automatic Digital Blood Pressure monitor gives you the luxury of measuring the Systolic and Diastolic blood pressure in a jiffy, at the comfort of your couch. Not to mention, both the devices are easy to operate.

Product Description:

As both the problem of blood sugar and blood pressure are related to each other to some extent, their precautionary measures could also go along the same lines. As both problems demand regular check-ups to track the progress of the patient, it’s usually a wise idea to buy a BP Machine with a Glucometer.Accuchek Instant S Glucometer is equipped with 10 Free Sugur Test Strips.
The Dr Odin B12 BP machine,on the other hand, works according to the parameters set by the World Health Organisation. The inflation becomes absolutely comfortable and controllable with the advanced “IntelliSense” technology in the device. To make the device more user-friendly, B12 BP machine has 3 backlight colours, Red for high BP, Green for Normal BP and Yellow for Low BP. Moreover, the device could be charged using a micro USB port.

Major highlights:


  • Instant Clarity: The intuitive 9-colour target range makes it easy to figure out if your results are above, in range or below range.
  • One-button navigation: You won’t have to go through the pages of a giangantic set of instructions from the menu. Just one button would get the job done for you.
  • No set-up: There’s no rocket science in understanding the usage of the device—all you need to do is obtain the blood by pricking your fingertips lightly with the lancet and put the blood on the device. You’d get your results on the large display.
  • Convinient blood application: The wide yellow strip yellow strip allows you to apply the sample anywhere over the large area of application—which makes it very easy to apply blood on the end of the strip.

The BP Machine:

  • 3 backlight colours: To make the device aesthetically pleasing and convenient to use, you get 3 different colours to indicate whether your BP is high, low or normal.
  • Micro-USB charging: All you need is a micro USB cable to charge this device—whether your charging device is a micro-USB charger, A laptop or a power bank.
  • IntelliSense technology: With the aid of this technology, you don’t need pressure pre-setting or re-inflationfor the device, the technology allows controlled and comfortable inflation.
  • Talking function with Alarm: Convinient way to know your blood pressure level

How to use:


  • Prick your fingertip using the lancer.
  • Put the blood on the device.
  • Check the result after 5 minutes.

BP Machine:

  • Wrap the belt around your upper arm.
  • Connect the belt to the device and press the start button.
  • Your readings would be displayed on the device.
Manufacturer/Importer/Marketed By
Brand NameRoche Diabetes Care, Dr Odin
Brand OriginGermany, India
Address of entityIndustrial Area Phase 2, Mohali - 140308
India Helpline Number1800 120 6020
Product Warranty1 Year for BP, 10 Years for Glucometer
Country of OriginGermany, PRC (China)

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