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Accu Chek Instant S Glucometer Machine with 10 Test Strip Medicine Box Free

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This is a Special Combo Offer and contains the below items:

1. Accu Chek Instant S Glucometer

2. Accu Chek Instant S 10 Test Strips

3. AM / PM Medicine Box

Tracking blood glucose becomes essential for diabetic people. It gives you a visual reassurance about the blood sugar levels immediately. 

If you suffer from high sugar levels, the instant S Glucometer from Accu Chek is your holy-grail! Get access to a seamless and fast blood absorption process with the Glucometer. Maintain your diet and stay fit for long. 

Product Description:

The Accu Check's Instant Glucometer machine comes with an exclusive combo offer of 10 free test strips. Maintaining standards of accuracy and ISO norms, the equipment provides correct readings. 

With edge-easy strips and ergonomic design, collecting blood samples and reading on the LCD-display gets easier. Moreover, you can personalize your daily food goals with accurate results. Stay updated about your glucose levels with Accu Chek's powerful equipment!

Key Features:

Offers Accurate Readings: The Accu Chek's Glucometer complies with ISO standards, and its results are accurate. 

Small Amount of Blood Needed: The machine requires only 0.5 of the blood approximately. 

Provides a Seamless Process: The equipment comes with super-easy test strips that ensure a hassle-free testing procedure. 

Ensures Fast Blood Absorption: You can easily place the strip at the finger-tips, and the Glucometer quickly absorbs the blood. 

Provides a Pain-free Result: Due to its fast-reading capacity, it offers a pain-free experience to patients. 

Referred by Renowned Doctors: Being completely safe, it's the first choice of most physicians. 

Ergonomic: The Glucometer does not require any complex set-up. Collect the blood samples after inserting the strip to read the results. 

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