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Abs Emergency Crash Cart Trolley

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The ABS Emergency Crash Cart Trolley is a vital asset in medical emergencies. This durable trolley is equipped with essential features like 5 drawers, CPR board, and storage for medical accessories. Its compact design and sturdy construction make it an indispensable tool in anesthesia and emergency medicine.

    • Size: 625 x 475 x 950 mm
    • Material: ABS Material
    • Color:  White & Blue
    • Shape: Trolley
    • Usage/Application: Anesthesia Trolley / Emergency Medicine Trolley

    • Sturdy ABS material for durability.
    • Compact size (625 x 475 x 950 mm) ideal for emergency use.
    • Two-layer design with 5 drawers for organized storage.
    • Includes name card holder, syringe cutter, basket, dustbin box, and more.
    • White and blue color scheme for easy identification in emergencies.

    Frequently Asked Question: 

    Q: What is the primary purpose of this ABS Emergency Crash Cart Trolley?
    A: This trolley is designed for use in anesthesia and emergency medicine, providing quick access to essential supplies during critical situations.

    Q: Can it accommodate various medical accessories?
    A: Yes, this trolley comes equipped with 5 drawers and additional features like syringe cutter and dustbin box to store a wide range of medical accessories.

    Q: Is it easy to move during emergencies?
    A: Absolutely. With its compact design and sturdy wheels, this trolley can be swiftly maneuvered in emergency situations.

    Q: Are the drawers lockable for security?
    A: Yes, the drawers are designed to be lockable, ensuring the security of medical supplies.

    Q: Does it come fully assembled or require assembly?
    A: This trolley typically comes fully assembled and ready for immediate use.
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