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Waist Tummy Trimmer Shaper Belt for Men and Women

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Available in Universal Size (Measure circumference around the waist immediately below navel) : Universal Size : 28" to 41" : Suitable for both men and women

The slim figure prototype is a goal for almost all of the individuals out there. The amount of confidence a well sculpted body provides us is insurmountable. However, maintaining a strict diet to achieve that is time consuming and not possible for the majority section of the society. The Tummy Trimmer is an adjustable belt flap which provides adequate backing to the waist, back and also the tummy. 

The Tummy Trimmer is an adjustable belt flap which can be used by both men and women for purposes which can widely vary. The tummy trimmer insulates body heat and helps in shedding the fat from the lower belly, or surrounding areas. In addition to that, it provides a secure padding to maintain a stable fitness routine and workout much better than normal. The product is adjustable enough giving a custom fit to each of its users, and can be used by both of the sexes making the work even easier. 

Key Features: 

Adjustability: The best part of this device is the adjustable belt which makes the device custom fit. The belt can be tightened and loosened according to the body's fit and cinches on the waist with proper grip. 

Back support: The belt provides a well-rounded pad of support to the back muscles and is instrumental in giving relief to a tired back. Daily usage of this also corrects posture, which is needed in the sedentary lifestyle that people generally have adapted in. 

Fat-reduction: This belt cinches on our waist tightly enough to produce an adequate amount of heat around the midsection of the body. The heat generated helps in decreasing the fat content to a great extent

Slippage protective: The belt doesn't slip, or bunch or move a little bit for that matter. Equipped in a non slip grid technology has made the belt sturdy avoiding slips. 

Wearable anywhere: The belt can be worn under the clothing anywhere. While at the office, or inside the house or even during grocery shopping, this can be worn easily. 

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