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5 Para Bed Side Monitor with 2 Years Warranty

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The 5-Para Bedside Monitor offers comprehensive patient monitoring with advanced features. Its high-resolution 12.1-inch color TFT display, customizable alarms, and efficient data management make it a valuable asset in various healthcare settings.

Standard Configuration 
ECG, SpO2,  RESP, NIBP, Temp

Key Features 
  • 12.1 inch, 800x600 dpi, color TFT display
  • Rear compartmentfor accessories & cable
  • storage
  • Separated Alarmand beep sound setting
  • Separated module: Main board + Parameter
  • module (ECG, NIBP, SpO2)
  • Display brightness adjustable
  • Real time S-T segment analysis, and ARR analysis
  • SpO2 Pitch Tone Variation and Drug Dose
  • Calculation
  • Parameter waveform and characters color
  • selectable
  • Multi-display: Standard Large font, Trend Coexis,
  • OxyCRG dynamic
  • Standby mode for power saving and suspend
  • monitoring
  • 7-lead ECG waveforms display in phase
  • Capture dynamic waveforms and history
  • wave forms review
  • VGA output
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery 4 hours,
  • and battery volume checking
  • Efficient resistance to interference of
  • defibrillator and HF Knife
  • SD card memory and USB data output
  • TCP/IP networking platform enable abundant
  • future upgrade & CMS


Parameters: ECG, SpO2, RESP, NIBP, Temp

Display: 12.1-inch color TFT

Resolution: 800x600 dpi

Rear Compartment: Yes, for accessories and cable storage

Alarm Settings: Separated alarms and beep sound settings

Module Separation: Main board + Parameter module (ECG, NIBP, SpO2)

Brightness Control: Display brightness is adjustable

Analysis Features: Real-time S-T segment analysis, ARR analysis, SpO2 Pitch Tone Variation, Drug Dose Calculation

Customization: Parameter waveform and characters color selectable

ECG Display: 7-lead ECG waveforms displayed in phase

Waveform Capture: Capture dynamic waveforms and review history waveforms

Output: VGA output

Battery: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery (4 hours), battery volume checking

Networking: TCP/IP networking platform enables future upgrades and CMS integration

Frequently Asked Question:

Q. What parameters does this monitor measure?

A: ECG, SpO2, RESP, NIBP, and Temperature.

Q. Can I customize alarm settings for different patients or scenarios?

A: Yes, this monitor allows for separated alarm and beep sound settings.

Q. Does it have the capability to analyze S-T segments and arrhythmias in real-time?

A: Absolutely, it offers real-time S-T segment analysis and ARR analysis.

Q. How long does the built-in battery last, and can I check its status?

A: The built-in rechargeable lithium battery provides up to 4 hours of power, and you can check the battery volume.

Q. Can I connect this monitor to a Central Monitoring System (CMS)?

A: Yes, the TCP/IP networking platform enables future upgrades and CMS integration.

Manufacturer/Importer/Marketed By
Brand NameSinnor
Address of entityC-75, 1st Floor, DDA Sheds, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase 1, New Delhi - 110020
India Helpline Number8586 012345
Country of OriginChina

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