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480 Khz 400 W Digital Cautery Machine BIOHEARTZ 400W

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The BIOHEARTZ 400W Digital Cautery Machine offers precise control with feedback response, ensuring a smooth cut and effective hemostasis in various medical procedures.


Power: 400W

Frequency: 480 kHz

Feedback-Controlled System

Bipolar Output

Spray Coagulation


Automated energy delivery for precise sealing.

Minimum cutting effect with pure and smooth cuts.

Non-sparking bipolar output for safety.

Quick start, even in irrigated procedures.

Effective hemostasis with spray coagulation.

Feedback-controlled response system

Automatically stops energy delivery as soon as the seal cycle is complete

Minimum cutting effect

Spray coagulation

Pure and smooth cut

Bipolar output with a non sparking characteristic

Prompt start even in irrigated procedures

Provides good hemostasis effect

Frequently Asked Question:

Q: How does the feedback-controlled system work?

A: It automatically stops energy delivery when the seal cycle is complete, ensuring precision.

Q: What is the frequency of the Cautery Machine?

A: The machine operates at a frequency of 480 kHz, providing optimal performance.

Q: Does it offer a non-sparking characteristic?

A: Yes, the bipolar output is designed with a non-sparking characteristic for safety.

Q: Can it be used for irrigated procedures?

A: Yes, the machine ensures a prompt start even in irrigated procedures for efficient operation.

Q: What is the power rating of the Cautery Machine?

A: The machine has a power rating of 400W, delivering consistent and reliable performance.

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