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3M Micropore Surgical Tape

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Surgical tape, often known as medical tape, is a type of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape used in medicine and first aid to apply a bandage or other dressing to a lesion. They allow air to pass through to the skin, which means it is breathable. Surgical tape is frequently white because it contains zinc oxide, which is added to aid in infection prevention. Porous material tapes, such as 3M Micropore, are widely used.

Product Description:

  • Soft adhesion

  • Conformable and highly breathable 

  • Reliable adherence of dressings and devices to skin 

  • Hypoallergenic and free of natural rubber latex

  • Economical single use rolls, 

  • hypoallergenic tape made of Paper


    • Brand: Micropore™
    • Color Family: Beige, White
    • It is Hypoallergenic
    • It is not Latex 
    • Overall Length (Imperial): 1.5 yd, 10 yd
    • Overall Width (Imperial): 0.5 in, 1 in, 2 in, 3 in
    • Product Color: Nude, White
    • Product Type: Medical Tape, Surgical Tape 
    • Material: Paper 
    • Condition: Dressing and Device Securement, I.V. Related

    Suggested Applications

    • Securing small to medium-sized dressings, particularly on damp skin

    • Securing lightweight tubing

    • Securing ostomy appliances

    • Taping fragile, at-risk skin

    • When repeated taping is needed

    Storage/Shelf Life:

     3MTM Surgical Tapes should be stored under normal conditions at temperatures ranging from 59 to 86°F (15 to 30°C). Under these conditions, 3MTM MicroporeTM Tape has a recommended shelf life of five (5) years.


    3M™ Micropore™ Tape is sold non-sterile. 

    The following procedures for sterilisation and steady adhesion performance were tested and shown to be dependable, with ethylene oxide residuals well under US FDA standards. The following procedure was used:

     1) Tape rolls retained intact for the entire 10-yard length

    2) Tape strips laid on a suitable release surface, such as glass, stainless steel, silicone-treated paper, etc. 

    3) Seal in the proper sterilisation pouch or wrapper with tape. 

    4) EtO sterilised warm cycle, 55°C (130–145°F), 1 hour minimum exposure period (50 percent RH - 600 mg/liter, or similar),

    5) Warm cycle aeration for a minimum of 20 hours before usage (temperature should not exceed 55°C (130–145°F). When a product is sterilised at a health care facility, it is the responsibility of the individual health care organisation to confirm sterility.

     Application recommendations:

    1) Always use it on a dry, clean surface. 

    2) Gently press or massage the tape from the centre out to the edges to increase adhesion.

    3) To protect your skin, avoid stretching or applying strain to places where the tape will be applied directly to the skin. 

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