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3M Ioban Antimicrobial Incise Drapes

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  • Designed with continuous broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity in the drape adhesive where it cannot be washed away
  • Clinically demonstrated to help reduce the risk of wound contamination and immobilise bacteria on the skin
  • 3M Ioban Antimicrobial Incise Drapes effectively aid in wound contamination prevention. Evidence suggests that using an antimicrobial incise drape is an important step in reducing the risk of wound contamination, which may lead to Surgical Site Infection (SSI).
  • 3M Ioban Antimicrobial incise drapes adhere securely to the skin, lowering the risk of drape lift, which can increase wound contamination. The drape's iodine-impregnated adhesive provides continuous broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity all the way to the incision edge, reducing the risk of wound contamination.

Suggested Applications

Incise draping with antimicrobial activity that is continuous for surgical procedures


 Brand  Ioban™
 Features  Antimicrobial
 Material  Fabric
 Procedure  General Surgery
 Product Type:   Incise Drapes
 Product Use:  Incise

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