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3M Eletroplast EAB Elastic Adhesive Bandage

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The 3M Elastic Adhesive Bandage is ideal for post-operative dressings. It perfectly conforms to the anatomy of the patient, is extremely comfortable, and has a high degree of adhesion. This bandage can be used to secure sites with irregular contours. Its stretchable material keeps a firm grip on the body, applies compression to control edema or swelling, and allows for body movement.


  • Strong adhesion to secure heavy dressings and devices
  • has a metallic container for individual packaging 
  • has a highly elastic backing that provides compression to control edoema or swelling
  • accommodates swelling or movement 
  • easily stretches, securing irregularly contoured sites.
  • The bandage has fast edges that allow it to stay in place 
  • It stretches in response to swelling or movement to prevent mechanical injury to the skin
  • It is stretchable, allowing it to provide compression, grip, and additional comfort.

Suggested Applications:

  • Surgical dressings for the orthopaedic, thoracic, and abdominal regions
  • To provide compression over cardiovascular/angio sites, breast biopsies, and surgical sites.
  • Taping over joints to allow for site movement

Bandage Sizes: 

  • 8 cm X 4-6 m, nominal length is 4 meters and goes up to 6 meters when fully stretched
  • 10 cm X 4-6 m, nominal length is 4 meters and goes up to 6 meters when fully stretched
Manufacturer/Importer/Marketed By
Brand Name3M
Brand OriginUSA
Address of entity48-51, Electronic City, Hosur Road, Bangaluru, Karnataka
India Helpline Number1800 425 3030
Country of OriginIndia

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