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3 Ply Face Mask with Eye Shield (Pack of 10)

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Revolutionary product provides safety to both your respiratory system as well as eyes!

As thousands of germs and allergens keep lingering in our surroundings. the best option for you is the 3 Ply Disposable Facemask which stops the entry of airborne allergens, infectious bacteria, germs, viruses and dust particles by covering the mouth and nose. It also provides enough breathing space and does not cause a feeling of suffocation.

Key features:

1. Best way to keep germs away – The 3 ply facemask guards the nose and the mouth sufficiently and wards off airborne germ and dust particles and keeps eyes safe form aerosols.

2. Comfort first – This facemask provides breathable comfort and does not cause respiratory blockage.

3. User friendly – This mask is available in universal size and fits everyone.

4. Adjust according to your will – The soft and flexible nose piece allows you to adjust the mask according to your comfort.

5. Fabric – This mask is made of 2 non-woven fabric ply and 1 melt-blown filter ply.

6. No more itches to the ear – The soft ear loop does not cause any uncomfortable feeling around the ears.

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