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12 Channel ECG Machine with Auto Analysis and Diagnosis Function

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TFT Multipara Patient Monitor is a state-of-the-art medical monitoring system designed for comprehensive patient care. With a wide range of features and parameters, it ensures accurate and real-time monitoring for both adult and pediatric patients.

  • 8 Inch TFT Touch Screen Display
  • Sync collection for 12-lead ECG, adopt digital signal processing technology and get high-quality ECG waveform via power frequency filter, baseline filter and EMG filter of ECG signal.
  • Display of 3/6/12-lead ECG, print mode, sensitivity, paper speed and filter state, etc. on one screen, convenient for contrastively diagnosing.
  • Multiple printing modes and formats, including auto 12x1, auto 6x2+1, auto 6x2+1_H, auto 6x2, auto 6x2_H, auto 3x4+1, auto 3x4+2, rhythm 12, rhythm 10, rhythm 8, rhythm 6, manual, etc. Trend chart and histogram of P-R interval can be printed, waveform length printed can be adjusted, and with time print function, which meets different requirements.
  • Paper speed: 5mm/s, 6.25mm/s, 10mm/s, 12.5mm/s, 25mm/s, 50mm/s.
  • With the functions of auto-analysis and auto-diagnosis for routine ECG parameters, provide measurement results and auto-diagnosis conclusion for HR, P-R interval, P Duration, QRS Duration, T Duration, Q-T interval, Q-Tc, P Axis, QRS Axis, T Axis, R(V5), S(V1), R(V5)+S(V1), etc. which reduces the doctor's burden.
  • In optimal DC state, up to 10-hour standby time, continuous print more than 3-hour, record up to 300 ECG waveform(commonly, it is 3s case), which meets the requirements of visiting a patient at home and body examination.

Key Specifications:

ECG Monitoring: The monitor offers 5-Lead ECG monitoring with 3 and 7 channel selectable waveforms. It covers a heart rate range of 15 to 300bpm and includes arrhythmia analysis and ST-segment monitoring.

NIBP Measurement: Utilizing digital automatic oscillometric technology, the monitor provides flexible NIBP measurement modes, including Manual, Automatic, and Continuous. It incorporates double safety protection against overpressure and offers alarms for systolic, diastolic, and mean values.

SPO2 Measurement: The SPO2 measurement range is from 0 to 100%, with an accuracy of +2% for readings between 70 and 100%. The monitor also includes pulse rate measurement in the range of 20 to 300bpm.

Respiration Monitoring: The monitor uses thoracic impedance measurements for respiration monitoring, with a measurement range of 7 to 120rpm for adults and 7 to 150rpm for neonates and pediatric patients.

Temperature Measurement: The monitor is compatible with YSI or CYF probes and measures temperatures in the range of 5 to 50 degrees Celsius.
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