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Unlike the old saying the fresh air is "no more" fresh. All that you can breathe in is smog and pollution. The air around us is full of suspended particulate matter, sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide. Mask is an essential health aid for you. The N99 mask ideally protects you…
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Unlike the old saying the fresh air is "no more" fresh. All that you can breathe in is smog and pollution. The air around us is full of suspended particulate matter, sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide. Mask is an essential health aid for you. The N99 mask ideally protects you from 99% of polluted particles in air.

Key Benefits:

  • Helps in protection against airborne infectious pathogens, PM 2.5 particles, dust, molds, spores, pollen and other airborne contaminants.
  • It Surpasses PM 2.5 specifications and meets N99 testing criteria.
  • Activated carbon layer provide extra respiratory protection, absorb & remove potentially harmful molecules.
  • Advanced one way exhale valves, easier breathing and speaking.
  • Convenient over ear straps for easy on and off. Superior fit and greater comfort. Padded adjustable nose bridge, face seal is easy, reliable and accurate fitting.
  • Longer shelf life of about 5years.
  • Activated carbon has specific shell life of 6 months. You can still use the mask after that until its physically damaged.

How to Clean:

  • Hand clean with mild detergent and water
  • NO machine drying is recommended as it may damage the product.
  • Let the mask dry completely before using.
  • You can wash daily after use and can save in zip tight pouch.
  • You can also clean it with Cleaning wipes.

Product specifications:

  • Brand name: Grin Health N99 mask
  • Color: Product comes in different colors, the one available will be shipped to you.
  • Protection: filter up to 99% of the particulate matter 2.5 from the air
  • Don’t work well against oil-based pollutants
  • 5- micro layer filtration technology
  • High grade carbon layer filtration system
  • Nearly 100% protection
  • Absorb/remove potentially harmful molecules
  • Unisex (both men and women)
  • Wearable at household, Work space, outdoor or traveling
  • Comfort Fit
  • Adjustable
  • Padded adjustable nose bridge
  • Washable
  • Universal in size
  • Snug Fit


1. Question: How to make out if the filter is expired?

Answer: You can check the filters usually they turn grey or black due to dirt clogging the filters. Usually activated carbon filter works for around 6 months but it may vary.

2. What’s the difference between N95 and N99?

Answer: Both are of N series. The numeric numbers simply indicate the level of efficiency that they provide. N95 provides 95% efficiency while 99 provides 99% efficient protection against dust and pollution.

3. Question: Is N99 better than N95?

Answer: You need to purchase the separately. And replace as and when required.  Yes N99 provides 99% efficient protection against the dust particles and pollutants unlike the N95 mask.

4. Question: Which type of air purifying respirator N99 have?

Answer: It is Particulate protection respirator. Provides protection from particulate matter but does not provide protection from gas and vapours.

5. Question: Can I talk while putting the mask on?

Answer: Yes, you can talk with the mask on.

6. Question: Can I use the same for my kid 7 year old?

Answer: No it is for adults and can be used for such small kids.

7. Question: How many valves does this mask have?

Answer: It has one valve only.

8. Question: Can we remove and replace the carbon filter?

Answer: No it cannot be replaced. You can other wise use the mask even after the filter is clogged and doesn’t work.

9. Question: Can I use it while riding motorcycle as I have to wear helmet?

Answer: Yes absolutely and comfortably.

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5stars from my side.
Good shelf life. Filter need to b replaced in around 6 months rest the mask is absolutely fine to use.


01 Mar, 2018

What I really appreciate is that it doesn’t interfere with the breathing cycle and feels like you are breathing in a clean healthy environment.

Avnit Shankar Sinha

29 Aug, 2018

It is so comfortable unlike the other masks I have tried which actually suffocate me. No nose bridge pressure, easy to wear and fits perfectly.


21 Sep, 2018

Good easy to use product.
I would recommend this mask for sure to everyone as it is really effective and helpful in fighting against the ever growing pollution rates in Delhi specially.

yash trikha

27 Sep, 2017

The best from the lot. Very effective to use.


23 May, 2017

Product Quality is definitely worth the price! After wearing this comfortable and adjustable mask, i could freely take a deep breath of clean air in the most dusty and polluted roads.


03 Nov, 2017

This product is pretty useful to fight the Air pollution in metro cities like Delhi & Bangalore and allows you to breathe clean air.


03 Nov, 2017

Great Product!
The product was really helpful while passing through heavily populated areas. This mask saves my health from outdoor pollution.


03 Nov, 2017

I have been looking for ways to protect myself and my kids from the high pollution levels in Delhi when I chanced to see the Pollution mask. It is very effective in preventing pollution when I am out travelling. I suggest everyone should reduce pollution and use anti-pollution masks for their own protection.


31 Oct, 2017

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