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Resistive Products

Theraband Yellow
Exercise Tubes - Black
Exercise Tubes - Orange
Proxima Exercise Tubes
Sanctband Resistance Tube Blueberry
Sanctband Resistance Tube Orange
Sanctband Resistive Tube lime green
Sanctband Resistive Loop Band Peach - Extra Light
Sanctband Super Loop Band - Blue
Sanctband Super Loop Band - Orange
Sanctband Super Loop Band - Red
TheraBand Band Loop
VPK Resistive Tube Blue
VPK Resistive Tube Green
VPK Resistive Tube Red
Theraband FlexBar blue- Durable Easy gripping to improve grip strength
Theraband Flexbar Green
Theraband Flexbar Red
Theraband FlexBar yellow
Flex Bar Blue Premium
Flex Bar Green Premium
Flex Bar Red Premium
Flex Bar Yellow Premium
Sanctband Egg Hand Exerciser Ball Lime Green - Medium
Sanctband Egg Hand Exerciser Ball Orange Light
Sanctband Egg Hand Exerciser Pink
Val-U-Putty Exercise Blueberry
Val-U-Putty Exercise Lime Green
Val-U-Putty Exercise Orange
Val-U-Putty Exercise Peach
Val-U-Putty Exercise Plum
CanDo Twist-n-Bend Exercisers
Color Coded Therapy Putty
Flexo - Therapy Putty 100gm Firm Blue
Flexo - Therapy Putty 100gm Medium Green
Generic Egg Ball
Power Web Combo 14 inch Green Black
Power Web Combo 14 inch Red Blue
Power Web Combo 14 inch Tan Red
Power Web Combo 14 inch Yellow Green
Power Web Flex Grip - Hand Exerciser Heavy Green
Power Web Flex Grip - Hand Exerciser Light Yellow
Power Web Flex Grip - Hand Exerciser Medium Red
Spider Cord Amber - Medium
Spider Cord Purple Heavy
Thera Hand Exerciser Ball
Theraband 8 Band Latex Clinical Kit
Theraband Black Special Heavy - 25 Yards
Theraband Blue Extra Heavy - 25 Yards
Theraband Green Heavy - 25 Yards
Theraband Xtrainer Black Heavy
Theraband Xtrainer Blue Advance
Theraband Xtrainer Green Intermediate
Theraband Yellow Light - 25 Yards
Therband Shoulder Pulley

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