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Medical Drapes

The medical drape is a part of personal Protection Equipment ( PPE ). These drapes are used in order to maintain the sterility of the environmental surfaces, equipment and patients surrounding as well as to prevent the direct contact unprepared surfaces during a surgery. Contamination and microbial migration from sterile to nostril areas is normally minimized by isolating the opening / cut and ends up creating a sterile field with the help of a sterile drape.

How are Medical Drapes normally considered to be made ?

The medical drapes are either made for single-use purpose or multi-use purpose. It is available with wide variety of performance characteristics as well as with the wide range of designs. The re-usable material on the drape would be composed of knitted cotton or tightly woven textile and if needed, can further be re-treated with the help of microbial chemicals.

What are the types of Drapes that are normally available ?

There are mainly three ( 3 ) types of drapes that are medically available, and they are as follows:

  • Paper Disposable Drapes
  • Cloth Reusable Drapes
  • Disposable Plastic Adhesive Drapes

  • How are Medical Drapes tested out ?

    Medical drapes go through various steps of testing in order to ensure the quality and the durability, before they’re practically in use for the actual surgery. The tests may include microbial testing, wearing and tearing assessment and colorfastness. By making sure that the drape is all set to be used across any type of operation or a surgery, you can minimize the chance of getting infected.

    What material is used in order to make a Drape ?

    Hydroentangled polypropylene face fabric is further laminated to a microporous breathable film which ultimately ends up acting as a barrier to most types of viruses and other types of organisms.

    What further could be the factors that determine the type of Drape material ?

    There could be various factors that could end up determining the type of drape material, some of them are as follows:

  • Fiber Stiffness
  • Fabric Thickness
  • Fabric Count and Yarn Count
  • Yarn Flexural Rigidity
  • Fabric Weight

  • What color does Medical Drapes usually come out in ?

    There are usually two ( 2 ) colors in which you would normally find a medical drape:

  • Blue
  • Green

  • Can you say that Medical Drapes are waterproof ?

    If you have a look at a medical drapes, It is clearly prominent that they are really long and cover an entire body. The materials used to make them is waterproof as well as, provide protection against hazardous type of materials ( like blood and other fluids ) coming in direct contact of the surgeon’s body.

    What are considered to be Sterile Drapes ?

    These drapes are usually used in hospitals to ultimately protect the patients from any kind of microorganisms and viruses. Sterile drapes are considered to be the medical adhesive tape which is gradually used to cover up the cuts and any other kind of wounds. Sterile drapes are generally made up of non-toxic material and does not contain any latex.

    How are Medical Drapes generally sterilized ?

    There are mainly three ( 3 ) ways of sterilizing a medical drape, and they are as follows:

  • Steam
  • Radiation
  • Ethylene Oxide

  • Which parts of Medical Drapes are sterilized ?

    The medical drapes are generally known to be considered sterilized from the wrist area to the elbow and front chest area too.

    Who are generally considered / supposed to use a Surgical Gown ?

    The medical drapes are worn by the medical / health care professionals whenever there is a medium to high level of risk of contamination and also, a need for larger critical zones of protections.

    What do you need not to wear during the a surgery ?

    These are some of the things or stuff that you need not to do or carry along with you into a surgery theater:

  • Tight Clothes
  • Makeup
  • Nail polish
  • Acrylic Nails
  • High Heel
  • Contact Lenses
  • Shoes that you would need to tie
  • Deodorant
  • Any Kind of Jewelry, etc.

  • What do you need to wear underneath your Medical Drape during a surgery ?

    It’s very essential to wear loose and comfortable clothes during surgical procedures. You may prefer to wear clothes with wide leg holes and arms so that the cloth material does not rub against the exact area where the surgery would / has been performed.

    These are some of the loose-fitting attires that are accepted during a surgery:

  • Sweatpants
  • Button Down Shirt
  • Hair Tie or Elastic Band
  • Slip-on Shoes
  • Loose Fitting Shorts

  • What are the factors that effect the selection of the Medical Drapes ?

    There could be various factors effecting the selection of medical drapes, some of them are as follows:

  • Durability
  • Airflow
  • Resistance to Infection
  • Moisture Management, etc.