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Hospital Bed

Hospital Beds

These beds are simultaneously and regularly taken care of and maintained 24x7 in order to take care of the patients sitting or lying down on it. These are the beds which are available in private and public sectors. Hospital beds are kept in the inward part of the hospitals where continuation care of the patients are done all day and night long.

Why are Hospital Beds needed ?

Hospital beds are needed because they are considered perfect for patients with mobility problems.

What are the possible differences between a Hospital Bed and a normal / regular bed ?

The hospital beds are functional and customized in order to meet the requirements of the medical / hospital requirements. There a various differences by which you can differentiate between the regular or hospital beds. Hospital beds are fully adjustable from the top and the bottom part and it is known to be the most common feature of the hospital beds. These beds come up with side rails which can further be raised or lowered.

What are the materials generally used to produce a Hospital Bed ?

Gel, foam, air and innersprings are usually used in order to produce a hospital bed. It would help the patient in distributing their weight all around the surface to feel comparatively way more comfort.

What are the types of Hospital Beds ?

There are various kinds of hospital beds, some of them are as follows:

  • Electrical Hospital Beds
  • Specialty Hospital Beds
  • Manual Hospital Beds
  • Adjustable Hospital Beds
  • Semi Electric Hospital Beds
  • General Ward Beds
  • Fowler Bed
  • Semi Fowler Bed
  • 5 Function Bed
  • 3 Function Bed
  • What is the other name of the Hospital Bed ?

    Hospital beds are also known as hospital coz, which are specifically made for patients or for other people who need some kind of medical assistance or requirements. These beds have a provision of providing the well-being and comfort altogether.

    What are the parts of the Hospital beds ?

    Many parts of the hospital beds separate them from any regular or normal beds:

  • Side Rales
  • Hand Controller
  • Frame
  • Caster
  • Mattress
  • What is the general size of a Hospital Bed ?

    These beds are normally 36” wide and 80” long in order to board tall patients and fit into semi private kind of hospital rooms.

    Why are Hospitals Beds considered so comfortable ?

    Memory foam or progressive laminated foams are used in hospitals to make bed adaptive to the patient’s position and body shape.

    How much long does a Hospital Bed last ?

    The usual life of a hospital bed is of 5 ( five ) years but the manufacturers expect the mattress to last for 1 ( one ) – 3 ( three ) years.

    Why are Hospital Beds generally white in color ?

    The hospital beds are usually white in color to identify the injury very easily by the nurses, doctor or medical staff. All white bed helps in visually revealing the bodily fluids or bleeding as well as any injury coming from the patient’s side.

    Can a hospital bed be considered convenient and comfortable for elderly patients ?

    When an individual is unable to change the bodily positions while sleeping on a regular bed, The elderly people / patients are considered to be a good candidate for this in that case.

    Why are Hospital Beds are placed at a higher level than that of the normal beds ?

    In order to prevent the pressure sores, the hospital beds are positioned higher than that of the general beds.