Your Spine & the Cervical Pillows..

Various studies have found pain interferes with sleep cycles, which can increase pain sensitivity and encourage mood swings. As per studies, The average person spends approximately 100,000 hours of their life asleep, so it is absolutely essential that steps are taken to make sure that those hours are used right. Sleeping habits can play a major role in determining a person’s waking habits as well as overall health.

Can sleeping wrong cause neck pain?

Deep in sleep, your head can fall into a position that puts unnecessary stress upon your neck muscles. After a bit, your neck may get agitated. Your sleeping brain might do you a solid and command your body to reposition itself so that your neck gets a little relief. Alternatively, you ignore the agitation, exacerbating the strain. As a result, you’ve got a pain in the neck the next morning.

Role of a pillow in increasing the cervical spine ailment:

A person who sleeps on a pillow that does not provide adequate neck support may experience a large variety of different health problems that stem directly from this common issue. A normal traditional pillow lacks in the shape and comfort. It leaves the cervical lordosis unsupported thus creating pain in the neck musculature. Also the average thickness of a pillow varies which further puts the spine in a wrong posture alleviating the pain symptoms.

What is a cervical pillow?

A cervical pillow is used to position your head and neck in an optimal position providing you rest and support. It is placed under the nape of the neck while sleeping which helps in minimizing the pain. Cervical Pillows , like the one from The White Willow, contoured surface provides the correct support to the arch of the neck and therefore prevents spasm and stiffness.

When to use:

  • For comfortable sleep
  • Herniated disc bulges
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Other Neck related pain and ailments

How does a Cervical Pillow like The White Willow stands apart?

Many times a solution is simply a new pillow. The wrong pillow can exacerbate or even be the cause of your neck pain. A good pillow will keep your spine from bending unnaturally upwards or downwards and provide comfortable, even support for your entire head and neck. The White Willow has been constantly striving to provide a unique range of home products which are developed in elegant hues of white, made with temperature sensitive Memory foam that brings comfort, support and also relief from aches, pains and other bodily discomfort.

The White Willow Contour Cervical Orthopedic Memory foam Pillow has topped the charts and with a remarkable response from its customers has helped many who have suffered from Cervical Spondylitis, Slip Disc, pinched nerves and other back or neck problems.

White willow cervical pillow’s contoured surface key features include:

  • Providing support to correct sleeping posture, allowing the back and neck muscles to relax
  • Temperature sensitive memory foam pillow
  • Ergonomically designed to re-contour and adjust with your every move
  • The memory foam pillows are long lasting, durable and resilient
  • Made from 100% imported raw materials from BASF

The pillow comes in a special white outer cover woven in Circular Knitted Viscose Polyester fabric makes the pillow soft, and adds elegance to your living spaces.

Outer Cover: Circular Knitted Viscose Polyester Fabric in White

Why should YOU invest in one?

It can be difficult to achieve a natural and neutral sleeping position without the right comfortable pillow. Cervical pillows are an investment in many years of comfortable and healthy sleeping, which will inevitably help the user to feel better in many ways. The White Willow Contour Memory foam Pillow is highly recommended by various health professionals worldwide.

Lead a healthy life by having a healthy sleep!! Get your White Willow Contour Memory foam Pillow delivered at your doorstep by Meddey – My Health Buddy. We provide you a complete range of White willow pillows to choose as per your needs.


  • Like any other pillow, the White Willow Contour Memory foam Pillow can take a little time to get adjusted with some users, especially those who are quite used to using traditional cotton based pillows. It takes atleast 7 days for the pillow to break in and get adjusted with.
  • Rolling or compressing the pillows does not affect the quality of the foam or the pillow.

Washing Instructions for memory foam pillows:

  • Care Instructions: Do not hand wash or use machine, only spot clean by hand with warm water and mild detergent.
  • For removing stains or odour, Sprinkle baking powder on the pillows and dust them off with a clean dry cloth, Easy clean with soap and water only for outer cover.

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