Top 9 Heating Pads In Indian Market

heating pad in indian market

With winters seeping into the country as much as it is in one’s bones, it would be rather blissful to expect (and receive) any warmth one can garner—a hot cup of coffee, a great perception of company, and a life bereft of ay bodily displeasures or sense of discomfort. In this regard, body aches and joint pains are notorious for arising and persisting during winters, staying at its acumen for winters and even beyond, and it becomes especially uncomfortable for subjects who have a history of body aches, joint pains, arthritis, and so on. 

In this regard, the primary method of abatement of such pain is mostly symptomatic—helping to relieve the pain becomes as important as dealing with the root cause. With the onset of winters, the most ubiquitously observable sort of discomfort can be mightily dealt with a rather appropriate device—the heating pad. 

About the Heating Pads 

Heating pads have become a borderline necessity in every household, considering how most working individuals are subject to never-ending spiral of joint pains. Heating pads may be available in forms of either heating mattresses, heating pillows, or specialised structures specifically meant for precise heating according to location. These are rather intricately designed for both accurate and prolonged heating to provide a great sense of comfort with maximum efficiency in order to save electricity without compromising on heating prowess. 

While some of the products mentioned below might be more expensive than the others, there is no doubt regarding the effectiveness in terms of its value-for-money proposition. The heating pads are made after an astute sense of engineering, with a great sense of Research and Development applied to achieve such results. Most of the products are not just reliable, but greatly durable. Not only are the said products aimed at providing relief in the shortest duration possible, but does so for a long period of time, whilst maintaining a sense of quality for the longest duration possible—making it a perfect blend of both reliability and effectiveness. 

Flamingo Orthopaedic Heating Pad – Extra Large For back pain knee pain shoulder pain and leg pain

  • Old age is closely associated with joint pain, sprains, strains, an overall sense of muscle weakness and tautness, and so forth. While this might be a major reason for senescence and sense of discomfort to go in complete concoction, it is not necessary for it to be the dictum. The Flamingo Orthopaedic Heating Belt comes in handy in this exact conjecture. 
  • While being one of the most cost-effective products in this list, it also happens to be one of the most effective. Not only is the Flamingo Orthopaedic Heating Belt meant to be both convenient and capable, but also simple to use and operate. It also possesses high modality so that one can customise is as per use specifics. 
  • Body aches can be messy and meandering, and makes everyday tasks difficult to perform. Be it shoulder pain, back pain, knee pain, neck pain or menstrual cramps, heat therapy is the best solution. Flamingo Orthopedic Heating Belt is designed in such a way that it is easy to use and provides immense pain relief. With both temperature control and heating settings, it can be adjusted according to requirements, thereby giving customization to the user.
  • Its imported materials are useful in terms of both reliability and durability—expect it to last longer than most other counterparts. 
  • Its patented multi-layered insulation technology is effective in providing a great sense of comfort and heating capabilities. 
  • It is also highly flexible and can be used across any part of the body—not only can it be used for local and specific ailments, but the Flamingo Orthopaedic Heating Belt is also beneficial for menstrual pain, hence. 

Heating Pad Wireless Portable for Knee Elbow Neck and Ankle Joints Pain – Sandpuppy Strappr

  • In this fast-paced world, there is truly no stopping, literally or figuratively. Pain and injuries are possibly inevitable, and in some cases, unavoidable too. While surface treatment has turned out to be a possible asset in terms of valid treatment, the Sandpuppy Strappr proves to the epitome of an example of medical healing. The Sandpuppy Strappr is truly unmatched when it comes to a perfect balance of effectiveness, quality, and longevity. 
  • The prime selling point of the Sandpuppy Strappr is its ease of carrying capabilities and portability. It is so compact that it need not be carried in its case itself—even the most compact of carrying cases would do. 
  • It has wireless charging capabilities, and therefore has omitted the idea of cables and their entanglement. 
  • Constructed with a patented Velcro technology, the Sandpuppy Strappr provides a great room for attachment, along with a great deal of grip. This not only ensures effective heating, but also localised heating for a longer duration of time. 
  • The Sandpuppy Strappr is highly flexible insomuch that it can be used to wrap around any body part, be it the neck or thigh, there is one fit for all. 

Heating Belt Wireless Portable for Back Pain – Sandpuppy Fitbelt Black – Universal Size

  • Modernisation has helped in the development of both good and bad alike—while the good mostly relies on technological advancements, the bad mostly is a ramification of the said outcome—a sedentary lifestyle. With modern-day sedentary lifestyle comes prevalent body aches. The Sandpuppy Fitbelt Portable Wireless Heating Belt comes in handy here—not only does it take care of safety measures, but also comes loaded with great technology that provides immediate relief. 
  • Its patented technology allows it to be functional in a rather short span of time, as short as a couple of minutes. One can expect to use the Sandpuppy Fitbelt Portable Wireless Heating Belt as soon as connecting it to a power supply. 
  • It has a patented infrared heating technology that uses a unique mechanism of heating, able to penetrate as much as 5cm deep into the dermis. This provides a great sense of relief to the deep tissues. 
  • The Sandpuppy Fitbelt Portable Wireless Heating Belt also has a wireless option that one can use if carrying a charger becomes a matter of burden. In fact, the Sandpuppy Fitbelt Portable Wireless Heating Belt is one of the most modular products to be available in the market. 

AccuSure Electric Orthopaedic Heating Pad

  • Orthopaedic pain can be one of the most disastrous ones that can happen to humankind. For those who have suffered from it, or are still subject to such discomfort, the Accusure Electric Orthopaedic Heating Pad can be the perfect product for the said audience. 
  • The Accusure Electric Orthopaedic Heating Pad comes with a patented overheat system that helps in ensuring that the heat is spread evenly as well as deeply to the deepest tissues where the pain is most severe. The overheat system is also instrumental in alarming the subject when there is overheating in the system, thereby preventing both electrical damage and tissue malfunction. 
  • Ironically, the Accusure Electric Orthopaedic Heating Pad comes with a washable, waterproof cloth fabric. This makes it easier to clean and replace the cloth work as and when needed. 
  • The Accusure Electric Orthopaedic Heating Pad comes with a modulating temperature control mechanism that helps the user to customise the temperature settings according to comfort levels. 

Beurer Heating Blanket UB33

  • The Beurer Heating Blanket is premium heating solution suitable for people suffering from chronic pains or arthritis of joints.
  • It comes with a patented household heating therapy technology. This directly affects the tissues by going fairly deep into the dermis; this technology is particularly useful for arthritis subjects as it becomes quintessential to ensure deep heat to their joints. 
  • The detachable power cord enables the user to connect to supply source as per convenience. 
  • It also comes with a washable cloth that provides yet another reason why this product is considered to be fairly modular. The washable cloth ensures that it can be used with a gel-additive for better use and greater effect to the deeper tissues and bones

Dr Odin Electric Single Bed Warmer

Dr. Odin electric heating bed warmer spread smoothly under your mattress, it radiates heat in a manner that induces deep restful sleep. It helps ease stress, soreness, and soothes the body.

Built with superior quality material, Dr. Odin Electric Heating Bed Warmer comes with fast heating technology and 3 heat settings: low, medium, and high to suit your taste. Its Dual Heat Safety feature and Overheat Protection sets it apart from others in the market.

It is designed in a manner that prioritizes the needs of the customer. It can be installed easily by simply affixing it to the mattress. It is 100% shockproof and also comes with a 1-year warranty. It is a product that cares about you.

Warmer consumes a minuscule 70 watts only. It also switches off automatically after 12 hours, trimming your electricity bill to a fraction. Snuggle in your warm bed at night, without worrying about your pocket the next morning.

Hot Warm Bag Premium

  • Alternative to cumbersome but conventional boiling water and filling up bottles (and watching it cool before you start to get into the groove) is simple to use hot warm bag which serve as hetaing pad. Boom!
  • The bag won’t keep you waiting long. Usually It charges up in a mere 10-15 minutes and stays warm for almost half an hour.
  • Thanks to the heat therapy, the bag stimulates the flow of blood in your body.Single thermostat hot warm bag comes with a power adapter

Dr. Odin Electric Ortho Neck Pad for Quick Pain Relief

  • Dr Odin Ortho Neck pad is a superior quality heating pad for Neck Pain. 
  • It provides warmth to the neck and cervical areas for efficient pain management. Localized application of heat causes vasodilation, thereby enhancing perfusion to the tissue in concern. This product is particularly useful for areas that have been over-exerted due to excessive physical activity. 
  • The Dr Odin Ortho Neck pad comes with a 12-month warranty, unlike most other counterparts.  
  • Its soft-touch quality material aids in less irritation and is particularly useful for patients who also happen to be predisposed to allergic reactions and are hypersensitive. 
  • It has an instant-heat up technology that helps in not just quicker but more efficient mechanism of heating. Additionally, this also ensures that the product is not subject to abnormal overheating that would otherwise damage the circuitry.

Sandpuppy Multipurpose Electric Heating Pad

Versatile heating pad with adjustable heat settings. Perfect for back pain relief. Also great for knee pain, shoulder pain, and elbow pain relief

SandPuppy Heatwrap is made with a soft Velcro fabric and has been specially designed to be convertible to fit the back, knee, shoulder and even elbow. Just strap it on around wherever your ache is and let the soothing comfort of heat relax you

Adjustable heat levels makes this heating pad safe, lightweight and ready for use with instant heating.

  • For use in Back just add the extenders to the main heating pad and wrap it snugly around your back.
  • To use it in Shoulder please close one end of the heating pad and slip your arm in with a closed section at the bottom. Loop the velcro stretch band around the heating pad on your shoulder and under the opposite arm to make it sit firmly on your shoulder.

In Conclusion

Body aches and complications associated with it are something one should never have to suffer from. The agonising pain where one is writhing and groaning, and in desperate need of amelioration can be dealt with the aforementioned products. While heating pads are not the most accurate devices to eliminate the root cause of the pain, the symptomatic relief it provides forms a significant portion of the healing process, and should hence be used unhesitatingly

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