Top 10 Blood Pressure Monitors in India

top 10 bp monitors machine

 “The heart wants what it wants” – It is a millennial claim today whether talking about political affiliations, choice of phone or the flavour of coffee one would scout for in order to quench their thirst—the heart surely wants what it wants!!

Well, except for cholesterol..

..and with cholesterol comes a plethora of complications – including obesity, hypertension, and therefore tagging along with a consistently peaking blood pressure.

The need – why BP monitors?

In this regard, blood pressure is one of those attributes that determines how well the circulatory system is capable of working and how effectively the heart can perform its pumping functions. Blood pressure, in simpler terms, is basically the amount of pressure one’s circulating fluid exerts on the surrounding blood vessels, and albeit this might sound like some technical or physiological jargon, it is actually an attribute that needs to be monitored by means of special measuring devices –the blood pressure monitors.

With the advent of modernisation, humans have become an evolved species, enabling themselves to make more inventions by the year, and in this context, a blood pressure monitor is one of them. Blood pressure monitors can either be simple—ones that measure systolic and diastolic blood pressure and display it on a screen, or a composite unit—one that comes with a strap and pumper to mechanically permit one to measure the blood pressure.

Various Innovations leads to different segments of products – each built and suited for a key target segment at its centre. This enables a multitude of options in terms of product features, quality and availability, and hence, to aid a deeper understanding, we’ve reviewed some of the best blood pressure monitors available in India.

1. Dr Morepen Blood Pressure Monitor BP02

As humans slowly start approaching their 30s, their bodies tend to develop more complications, most being physiological due to some lifestyle changes—be it the ever fast-paced corporate lifestyle or un-sustainable daily habits leading to fluctuating blood pressure. In order to achieveaccolades and achieve more, humans have a tendency to push themselves and their bodies more which renders themselves vulnerable to various ailments like diabetes, obesity and hypertension leading to abnormally fluctuating blood pressure. Dr Morepen Blood Pressure Monitor BP02 is here to help one out with the primary purpose of improving one’s lifestyle—by being there as a first stage check of monitoring the blood pressure. Salient features of this product are:

  1. Dr Morepen Blood Pressure Monitor BP02 works by means of an oscillometric method to measure BP accurately.
  • This product provides a measurement of both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
  • Having a controlled inflation measure, this product has been crafted keeping in mind the most delicate of patients.
  • Its one-touch technology enables quick and reliable self-testing measures; the LCD panel only makes usability easier by displaying the blood pressure to accurate levels.
  • It has the capability of measuring up to 60 sets of data, thereby enabling one to keep a record of previous measurements.

Dr Morepen Blood Pressure Monitor BP02 is therefore a handy product, and considering its price, it does look like a good value for money proposition. After all, there is no substitute for keeping oneself healthy, and measuring blood pressure is one of the pillars of keeping one’s health in check. Besides, one should take maximum advantage of technology, for there is a substitute to every product, but not every arrhythmia.

2. AccuSure TD Automatic Blood Pressure Monitoring System

Automation is one of those technological features that humans have always desired to accomplish—irrespective of the sphere of life concerned, and this very well extends to monitoring and measuring blood pressure as well. The AccuSure TD Automatic Blood Pressure Monitoring System precisely serves to fulfil this purpose with its simple-to-use interface and ease of accessibility and handling.

  1. It comes with an extra-large LCD panel that enables users to easily monitor blood pressure.
  • The AccuSure TD Automatic Blood Pressure Monitoring System comes with a high precision strain gauge sensor system that not only makes readings more precise, but does so consistently.
  • It comes with a one-touch operation system that makes handling and usage rather simplified.
  • Its memory system comes equipped with the capability to measure and record up to 60 recordings for taking a history of measurement of BP.
  • When it comes to accessories, it is enabled with a USB port that helps to transfer data to one’s PC. There is an option to buy power adapter along with the BP Machine

Arrhythmia is one of those prevalent yet dreaded conditions in mankind, and the AccuSure TD Automatic Blood Pressure Monitoring System aids in its initial detection, if not amelioration. With a fair asking price, it is by far one of the most effective products for its price.

3. RossMax CH115F Blood Pressure Monitor

Customers have been known to prefer comfort over automation when it comes to measurement of BP. In this regard, the RossMax CH115F strikes a perfect balance between the two.

  1. With its latex-free cuff system, this product provides a great deal of comfort to the subject.
  • It has a patented ‘Real Fuzzy’ technology which estimates cuff pressure based on the radius of the arm of the subject, thereby eliminating the very idea of an uncomfortable experience whilst measuring BP.
  • It also has a rather detailed instruction manual set, that aids in easier and simpler understanding of the product and how it functions under various conditions.
  • It also comes with a movement-detection system, which basically aids in reminding the subject to stay still whilst their BP is being measured- this ultimately helps in a higher deal of accuracy whilst measuring blood pressure. Detecting body movements is done using a plethora of devices that intricately measure movement detection, which makes this product rather unique.

With its “Real Fuzzy” feature, Rossmax is best suited for people preferring comfort while measuring Blood pressure.

accusure mercury sphymomanometer

4. AccuSure Mercury Sphygmomanometer with 4.2mm Capillary

Rightfully held as the gold standard when it comes to sphygmomanometers, the mercury might be old-school, but it is by far one of the most opted measures when it comes to health industry. With AccuSure Mercury Sphygmomanometer, there are quite a few more characteristic features it possesses, that serve more as an incentive to own this well-crafted device.

  1. The unique proposition of this device is its portability. Its compact nature makes it one of the easiest products to travel with, and it can be carried by doctors or other users alike, with an equal amount of ease.
  • Built with a rigid silicon tubing, the AccuSure Mercury Sphygmomanometer is by far one of the most durable and long-lasting products available in the market, only adding to why one should be purchasing this in the first place.

Ideally, a mercury type sphygmomanometer is used by clinicians and people with a good deal of expertise, but the AccuSure Mercury Sphygmomanometer is by far the easiest type to manage, provided one has had prior experience with mercury types. It is to be noted, however, that the stethoscope needs to be proposed as a separate accessory.

rossmax sphygmomanometer

5. Rossmax Sphygmomanometer BP Machine GB101

It is important to understand that monitoring one’s blood pressure is a precursor to actually normalising it, in cases of abrupt changes. The Rossmax Sphygmomanometer BP Machine GB101 not only aids in doing that with near perfection, but the fact that it is one of the most ubiquitous products available in the market makes it even more desirable.

  1. Its spill-proof design has been put forth after a good deal of engineering and craftsmanship, which aids in comfortable monitoring of blood pressure.
  • It has a whopping 10,000 measurement memory system, which basically implies that it is a one-time investment.
  • Despite an accidental drop or two, it manages to hold on its own because of its calibration system, implying as to how durable this product is. Additionally, the high-grade PVC tube used here only adds to further stability.
  • It comes with a dual frequency system that makes understanding of both systolic and diastolic sounds rather seamless.

The Rossmax Sphygmomanometer BP Machine GB101 is definitely a step in the right direction for the ones who are looking for a large memory and are truly concerned about their well-being, and who are well aware of the complications that may arise due to fluctuating blood pressure stats.

rossmax x5 blood pressure monitor

6. Rossmax X 5 Blood Pressure Monitor

Definitely one of the most widely sold products in this list, the RossMax X5 Blood Pressure Monitor is one of the most complex when it comes to the amount of technology invested in it and quite possibly one of the simplest when it comes to ease of use. This particular Blood Pressure monitoring system is a conglomeration of modern-day tech and old-school accessibility and ease of use.

  1. With its PARR (Pulse Arrhythmia) technology, this BP monitor is by far one of the most sophisticated devices in technological terms when compared to its counterparts.
  • On a similar note of sophisticated techology, it also comes aided with a hypertension indicating gauge, which is fundamental in terms of obese patients, as it not only saves a good deal of time, but also provides a fair warning to such subjects and increases their mark of caution.
  • It has a 120-data-collection system, providing a scope for more data storage. Moreover, it measures an average of 3 recordings with each measure of BP, further increasing the accuracy of BP values.
  • It is technologically-invested to detect arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation, and premature contraction detection.

Additionally, it comes with a rather detailed instruction manual, as well as accessories such as zippers and carry bags, which aids in making mobility easier. Overall, this is one of the most value for money propositions, especially compared to its counterparts.

7. Diamond Mercurial Blood Pressure Apparatus

As the name suggests, the Diamond Mercurial Blood Pressure Apparatus is truly a first-grade, top of the line product that does not have too many substitutes available in the market—the way it measures blood pressure measurement is truly commendable.

  1. It is manufactured using virgin materials, and the purity of the mercury used is 99.99% pure because of the triple distillation process used to obtain it.
  • It comes with an extra cuff Velcro system that makes the measurement of BP not just comfortable, but also seamless.
  • The metals used to build this measurement is surface coated, which makes it resistant to corrosion or damage, thereby making it a long-lasting product.
  • A control valve system makes the measurement of BP much more accurate.

Possibly one of the most purchased products in this list, the Diamond Mercurial Blood Pressure Apparatus is by far one of the most superior pieces of equipment for its accuracy and usage in medical fraternity, compared to its counterparts—this is furthermore proved by its sales figures. The Diamond Mercurial Blood Pressure Apparatus is truly one of those products that is desired by all.

8. Dr Odin B12 Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

If technical prowess could be objectified, the Dr Odin B12 Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor would be the perfect example to describe it. It rightfully stands as the epitome of modernisation when it comes to home healthcare.

  1. The most striking feature this product possesses is the ability to provide output by means of sound—this instrument has a feature that lets it read out blood pressure readings.
  • It also comes with a built-in WHO standard metric. This is particularly useful in determining what WHO has set as its standards of normal readings, considering how dynamic those digits can be over the years. It also provides a valid window to compare metrics when it comes to standard readings of blood pressure.
  • This comes with advanced “IntelliSense” technology for comfortable and controlled inflation, keeping in mind the fact that certain sections of the customer base might show undesirable reactions if too much pressure is applied on their dermis.

The Dr Odin B12 Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor therefore, is one of the most technologically developed devices in the market at this juncture. Considering the price it is available at, for the right eye, this might be a great bang for the buck.

dr odin lcd sphygmometer

9. Dr Odin LCD Sphygmomanometer

Truly defining the very idea of simplicity, Dr Odin LCD Sphygmomanometer is one of the most value for money propositions the free market has to offer in the modern day. Striking a perfect balance between simplicity and effectiveness, it truly is a niche product in its own right.

  1. Coming with a cotton cuff and D-ring Latex Bladder, Dr Odin LCD Sphygmomanometer is by far one of the most comfortable products to use on a subject.
  • The LCD panel on this is fairly large, so as to make the visibility of blood pressure evident, thereby making it easy to use and decipher.
  • It also comes with a 12-month warranty.

The Dr Odin LCD Sphygmomanometer is truly one of the most durable products in the market, and this fact has been tested through the tides of time, only proving how good a proposition this is.

blood pressure monitor

10. Omron HEM-7600T Blood Pressure Monitor

Gone are the days of complicated BP measurement wherein you need to search and travel to a medical practitioner for getting your BP measured. And more often, just the thought and the physical effort of going there heightens anxiety leading to possibility of a higher Blood pressure being reported than what would it have been in the comfort of your own home measured after a relaxed time.

With the Omron HEM-7600T Blood Pressure Monitor, it has become rather simple to measure and therefore, monitor blood pressure, so much so that even the most novice of hands would be proficient enough to measure BP—this becomes crucially important when healthcare is being pushed to the masses.

  1. With the latest tubeless technology, 360° accuracy, Intellisense Technology, and IntelliWrap Cuff technology, this is by far one of the most superior products in the market, with possibly no other product to compete against it.
  • The IntelliSense technology is important in applying and maintaining a constant pressure, that is rather optimum when it comes to BP measurement.
  • The Cuff technology places the subject at ease, thereby making the measurement of BP less taxing.

With an extended warranty period, this product truly has a charm of its own, making it a complete package.

In Conclusion

BP management is an important step to not just leading a healthy life, but also avoiding possible cardiovascular diseases; these devices are merely reality-check devices—providing an insight into how one can lead a healthy life. While all the above models are unique in their own way, for choosing the right option for you and your family, consider the parameters like Ease of measurement, Comfort, Speaking function, Data Storage, availability of USB port, post-sales support and portability.

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