Top 12 Shoulder Pain Relief Products In India – Which Can Help

top 12 shoulder pain relief products In india - which can help

Most of us become rather lackadaisical and to a great extent, ungrateful for what we have, and this is not just confined to the walls of material belongings, but extends beyond to intangibles, like a healthy life, bereft of the daily episodes of pain or trauma. We do not recognize the importance of a fully functional and healthy system until we come across a rather traumatic or chronic episode of pain—one of them that is particularly excruciating is that of the shoulder

shoulder pain

Shoulder Pain

Machines and human beings have a few things in common. Both underuse and overuse of moving parts results in complications, and the shoulder is no exception. The shoulder joint is possibly the most mobile ball and socket variety, and perhaps the most used joint in the human body. This renders it prone to higher chances of dislocation, disbalance, or any other complication for that matter. There are, however, a few typical instances of shoulder pain and the root cause of it.

Types of shoulder pain

Types of shoulder pain

  • One of the most common instances of complication is the possible infection of the shoulder area, that results in its inflammation. The major distinction between inflammation due to infection and one due to injury would be post-inflammation complications which are not just confined to the shoulder area. If there is an injury, the only symptom is the visible inflammation.
  • Damage to muscles, tendons or ligaments around the shoulder joint is yet another reason for shoulder pain. This is specifically an injury related root of shoulder pain. The most distinct attribute of this kind of injury, quite obviously, is excruciating shoulder pain that comes along with it. this requires immediate observation and treatment.
  • Since the shoulder joint is a movable joint, like any other of the same kind, needs a layer of cushioning or lubrication to ensure stable movement and longevity of the bones aiding in its movement altogether. When there is either depreciation in the amount of synovial fluid, or inflammation of the bursa altogether, there is associated pain and discomfort.
  • If the condition of the bones is considered, any breach of fragility or stability may result in increased brittleness of bones and eventually rendering the subject to higher chances of fracture, breaking, or worse. Conditions like arthritis in elderly people, like osteoporosis in women in specific are a common cause of eventual damage to areas like the bones and causes major pain, inflammation, swelling, discomfort to name a few. The recovery period of these kinds of injuries is rather long and arduous.
  • In certain specific cases where there is a genuine lack of proper functioning of systems, such as calcific tendinitis, there is an abnormal deposition of calcium around the rotator cuff area. This not only makes the joint less mobile, but also parasitizes on the lubrication mechanism discussed earlier. In such cases, there is a lot more discomfort than the average postural injury, and this requires ceasing of most intensive activities and immediate consultation of the physician.
  • Probably one of the most common issues one faces when it comes to the shoulder and its complications is frozen shoulder, or adhesive capsulitis. An impingement of the rotator cuff area due to tear or injury may result in such a predicament. This is marked by a specific kind of stiffness, but in most cases, this is fairly redeemable using non-operative treatment.
  • Postural inabilities or breaches can lead to physiological shoulder pain too. in cases of the subject being rather callous with their postures, especially during sleep, may result in unnecessary distress and pressure in that area, which ultimately amplifies as one chooses not to improve their stance or position. This is mostly a self-induced as well as self-treatable issue that needs little or no external attention.

Shoulder Pain – Products that Counteract

Flamingo Neoprene Shoulder Support – Universal

Flamingo Neoprene Shoulder Support – Universal

While it is firstly required to visit the doctor before equipping oneself with a particular product, the Flamingo Shoulder Support is a rather handy product to treat a multitude of issues, such as dislocations, separations, cuff management issues, impingement, stiffness, tendinitis, to name a few.

  • This product works across a multitude of problems and keeps the shoulder in a better position, quite literally.
  • Should brace is easy to equip, and can be worn under apparel too, which makes it not only versatile but also functional. Overall, the Flamingo Support provides great Shoulder pain relief.
posture corrector for forward neck pain relief

Posture Corrector for Forward Neck

The Posture Corrector is a Y shaped device which helps in strengthening the back muscles, and realigning the vertebrae properly. Overall upper back health is preserved and at the same time sore muscles are given relief specially for neck, upper back and shoulder pain. The Posture Corrector comes with buckles on both sides and so can be adjusted according to one’s fit. Besides, it seamlessly integrates with the color code of your outfits, making it invisible from outside.

  • The Posture Corrector comes with adjustable hooks and buckles on both sides. These help in fastening the apparatus tight enough to fit one self. The braces can adjust a chest circumference ranging from 27-42 inches, and is ideal to be worn by both boys and girls. 
  • In case you need to wear this Posture Corrector while you are on the go, don’t you worry. The magic fabric of this product makes it impossible to be discerned from outside. One can go to yoga classes, walk by the park or running errands wearing this brace. The lightweight of it makes the job easier. 
  • The fabric of the clavicle brace is lightweight, breathable and helps in air ventilation. This soft, sweat free fabric helps in keeping this on for longer, thus increasing the healing time. 
sandpuppy nyx heating pad for stiff neck and frozen shoulder

Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief

Neck and Shoulder pain are interrelated many times and heat therapy is considered very useful as instant pain relief. However its very difficult to find a right heating product which fits into the anatomy of this part of body. However Sandpuppy Nyx is like none other as this heating pad is in the form of a vest which can be worn without the fear of the heating pad falling down popping up in the user’s head.

Nyx design prevent slippage and lousy contact, and uniformly distributes the heat to the entire back musculature. The Far Infrared radiation allows the heat seep in deeper layers compared to previous instances, and relaxes the muscles. It enables oxygenated blood circulation to heighten up in the area of soreness, and heals the shoulder pain quicker than never before.

 The device provides electric heat, and hence allows the user to decide the amount of heat needed for them. The switch button helps them opt for the comfort heat. The simplicity of its usage makes it ideal for patients of all age groups, and especially for senior citizens.  Not much is needed to be done in order to activate the heating pad. It is simple to use and elderly people can use it without any problem at all. The controlling switch of the device allows the user to set up a comfortable temperature and get the amount of heat he deems fit

Hot Cold Gel Pack 

Mostly working as an instant remedial measure, the Hot Cold Gel Pack Microwave Friendly for Back, Knee or Shoulder Pain Relief Onyx serves to provide immediate relief to pain, inflammation and discomfort. The conglomeration of hot and cold not only reduces inflammation, but also increases the degree of blood circulation around the swollen part, thereby working as a 2-in-1 measure for pain relief.

  • Onyx Hot & Cold Gel Pack has the unique multipurpose use of moist heat treatment with either hot water or microwave heat and cold therapy by freezing in the refrigerator
  • .High-quality rubber pack with gel is knitted carefully at two places to ensure maximum flexibility.

The product is designed to provide soothing relief from shoulder pain but can also be useful for back pain and knee pain where you need to cover large surface area. Due to ability to use it as cold pack it’s also useful in therapy for post-operative care.

kinesiology tape

Kinesiology Tape

Shoulder pain can also be addressed via rehabilitation when you use the kinesiology taping method. K tape is made of high grade cotton fabric, breathable material, stretchy, and maintains flexibility of human skin and muscles. Adhesive is mild and hypoallergenic. Kinesiology tape is a revolutionary elastic sports tape designed to provide pain relief and support for muscles, joints, and tendon related aches and pains. It is lightweight, comfortable to wear and provides targeted pain relief.

  • Kinesiology tape works on endogenous analgesic system: there is no medicine or drugs in kinesio tape. It instead works by allowing your body to heal itself, or like the wording itself suggests “endogenous” meaning something that is self-originating and “analgesic” meaning painkiller
  • Kinesiology tape supports the muscle’s ability to contract. This can relieve any pain or fatigue felt in the muscle and prevents cramping.
  • Athletic Sports Kinesiology Tape is uncut rool of 5m long with tape width of 5cm and it is 100% water & sweat proof.
  • Kinesiology tape also promotes and improves blood and lymphatic circulation. This will reduce inflammation in your body’s tissue.
over door shoulder pulley

Over Door Shoulder Pulley

It is not the easiest of tasks to ensure legitimate movement of shoulder post-surgery or injury. Albeit the shoulder joint technically should heal as quickly as it can get, it generally takes a little longer because of the fact that it is a composite structure and there is more than one pivotal point of healing.

This is where the Shoulder pulley over door exerciser for quick set up physical therapy comes into play, for it is probably the simplest, yet most effective means of rehabilitation when it comes to ensuring the complete healing of the shoulder joint is dealt with and the effectiveness of the shoulder and efficiency of movement is restored.

  • Medansh Multi-use Over Door Shoulder Pully which sets up quickly and promises great results and  is ideal for improving shoulder movement and coordination, or rehabilitation post-surgery or injury. It improves the range of motion in the shoulders. It’s quick and effective.
  • It is set up in a few minutes by simply positioning the hook to any railing or web strap over the hinged side of any standard door. Its ergonomic handles are easy to hold and make the user’s experience high quality and comfortable.
  • Don’t compromise your time for anything! Over Door Shoulder Pulley is compatible with performing daily activities like while walking, sitting, lying down etc without any discomfort.
  • Medansh Over Door Shoulder Pulley is designed in a way that it fits snugly between your door and frame to avoid any scratches.
abduction shoulder ladder

Abduction Shoulder Ladder

The Shoulder Abduction Ladder is an excellent product for increasing the range of motion. Abduction ladder can be mounted on a wall and patient can climb it with their fingers. This product si very widely used in occupational and physical therapy clinics and due to its ease of use and fitment (product comes with portable 3 section pack) many buys it even for home us. This product will help individuals with writs, hand, arm or shoulder trauma

theraband flexbar resistance bar

Theraband Flexbar Resistance Bar

Theraband Flexbar Resitance Bar is used for grip strengthening of wrist, arm and shoulder. This treatment is especially useful for people suffering from Frozen Shouder, Tennis Elbow or Golfer’s elbow. Like other theraband products, Theraband flexbar also uses progressive resistance levels to provide an effective exercise regime to increase your strength. Color coding is yellow, red, green & blue. 12” long & 1.5” diameter Therband Flexbar Red provides 10lbs resistance and is level 2 in progressive strength levels.

  • Resistance bar exercises improve strength of upper extremities.It helps achieving pain reduction via bending, oscillating or twisting exercises.
  • Its clinically proved that by tyler twist exercises using FlexBar tennis elbow patients experiences 81% reduction in elbow pain and 72% increase in strength.
  • Flexbar is great tool for athletes wish to increase strength of arm and shoulder to reduce pain or gain strength. This is especially helpful to golfers, tennis and cricket players.
portable tens 2 channel machine

Portable TENS 2 channel

Physiotherapy is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people are opting for allied healthcare services. From treating orthopedic issues to sports injuries to stroke rehabilitation, physical therapy branch of health science has countless healing benefits. For shoulder pain relief apart from manual manipulations physiotherapists are using electrotherapy modalities and most important one is TENS Machine.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is a therapeutic process that uses a device to produce a low-frequency electric current to stimulate the sensory nerves and obstruct the pain signals coming from the brain. This non invasive equipment will help you to live a pain-free life effortlessly. Medansh postable 2 channel device is useful pain relief device avoiding dependence on pain killers with side effects.

  • Apart from shoulder this equipment can is can be used to reduce back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, joint pain, etc.
  • This easy to setup machine is very convenient to carry anywhere. Medansh TENS Machine is the ideal equipment for domestic physical therapy sessions.
  • TENS is built with sturdy Machine leads and electrodes which ensure safety and longevity. With proper positioning of the electrodes, one can effortlessly treat pain and trauma.
beurer infrared massager

Beurer Infrared Massager

Shoulder muscle spasm or stiffness can also be treated with mild massage therapy which help in pain relief. Beurer Infrared massager scores points due to many powerful features like design enabling it to be used on shoulder by your own as well as infrared heating which penetrates deeply and tissue and help in shoulder pain relief

  • It provides very relaxing and soothing vibration massage. The rotating massage head and 3-way adjustable handle make the massager with infrared heat easy to use (3 function levels (vibration massage, infrared heat, vibration massage with infrared heat)
  • Ideal for targeted and spot massage with Infrared heat that can be selected separately
  • Product comes with 4 massaging options with brush fitting – for intensive skin massages – very pleasant, circulation – stimulating effect; Knobbed fitting 1-  for intensive massages to relieve muscle pain and tension; Knobbed fitting 2 and Tapered fitting –    for intensive and localized deep massages – particularly soothing after physical exertion
half moon multiuse memory foam pillow

Half Moon Multiuse Memory Foam Pillow

As the name suggests, the Multiuse Memory Foam pillow 4-in-1 Half Moon – for relieving chronic neck, back or shoulder pain serves to provide relief against postural errors and aids in stabilizing a multitude of pain areas. This set of cushions is made after meticulous research about the various problems and complications one faces after postural breaches, and can be used to treat subjects having a plethora of pain problems. It is also a widely recommended product as a post-operative measure, as in the case of knee surgeries and shoulder dislocation surgeries. The fact that it is astoundingly light makes it a really good proposition

Cervical Memory Foam Pillow

Cervical Pillow is a Medium Contour Memory Foam pillow and is designed to help people suffering from neck spasm by reducing neck pain, aches or any kind of bodily discomfort. The contour side of cervical pillow support arch between neck and shoulder providing maximum support and thus avoiding long term problems. Its also widely recommended during shoulder rehabilitation specially side sleepers


Shoulder pain relief need lot of resolve and commitment from the patient and this journey can be expedited with host of options listed above. You should choose the best ones for your condition based on recommendations from your orthopedic doctor or physiotherapist.

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