Respiratory Care – Do we Care?

Air pollution is no more a phenomenon during festivals alone anymore, neither is it limited to industrial areas, it is everywhere and slowly getting into our homes and places so far considered as safe.

It is slowly becoming a reality that we must learn to deal and live with. Had our lives been solely limited to getting into the car and reaching the office and back, it might have been simpler.

We could use air purifiers in our homes and ensure the safety of our loved ones. That would not be the perfect lifestyle because it would limit our physical movement and gradually lessen our usual exercise. The problem of air pollution has multiplied our difficulties; we find ourselves often caught in the dilemma, is it healthy to go out and walk in the polluted air? What are the ill-effects of the polluted air on our children? Is it possible to have any control over this situation and many more.


Researches published in the Indian Journal of Community Medicine has confirmed that air pollution causes health problems, mortality and morbidity increase with rise in the rate of air pollution. What is worse is the long-term effect it has on children. For example, cities like Delhi and Bangaluru has seen a spike in cases of asthma in children and irreversible lung damage has been found in millions of people as well.


The problem of air pollution is not something that can be altered by an individual; neither can it be controlled single handedly. We can encourage our friends, family and colleagues to make changes to contribute towards fighting this menace but despite the efforts; it remains largely out of our control and further deeper intense efforts are required to get a hold on the situation completely.

We, at Meddey, provide you with the best respiratory aids to keep you and your family safe from the side effects of ever increasing pollution. From a basic air mask to Lung exerciser; from critical care complex oxygen generators to home care air purifiers we have tried to provide one stop shop for all your requirements. The best part is these can be done from the comfort of your home, and everything is available at your fingertips.

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