heating pad in indian market

Top 9 Heating Pads In Indian Market

With winters seeping into the country as much as it is in one’s bones, it would be rather blissful to expect (and receive) any warmth one can garner—a hot cup…

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best massager review

Top 9 Best Massagers in India: 2021 Reviews & Buying

How to Choose the Best Massager ? With the idea of achieving the “American dream”, humans have unknowingly turned their rather interesting lives into a conglomeration of mundane, daily chores,…

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7 Best Posture Corrector Devices for Home and Office 2021

The paradigm of ‘office work’ shifting into a more controlled environment. After all, work from home is slowly but surely becoming the norm specially in new normal post pandemic onset…

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Neck Pain Causes and Treatment

What is Neck Pain? Neck pain is a debilitating condition – it affects your physical and mental health, your everyday routine, your social life. It’s common enough to be understood…

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Tips for the Elderly Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus is spreading like wildfire and if you are over 60, extraordinary measures are required to be taken on an individual level to win the battle against this disease!  The…

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Coronavirus and Heart Patients in 2020 : Must know tips for healthy life

By the end of 2019, there was an coronavirus outbreak that was said to have originated in Wuhan, China, and now that it is here and is wreaking havoc on…

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COVID 19 Care for Diabetics : How to live without worries?

There is no doubt regarding the vulnerability of diabetic patients specifically, not just because of their prevalent conditions, but due to the various ramifications a medical condition like diabetes has….

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Is Ayurveda the key to surviving the COVID-19 outbreak?

Ayurveda has been a part of the nation’s culture for a very long period of time, ancient findings tell that it was the product of old and Vedic wisdom, which…

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safety precautions healthcare workers

Safety Precautions for Healthcare Workers during the COVID-19 Outbreak

It is very obvious that taking care of safety precautions for healthcare workers is of utmost importance. The public health policies that are being devised, enforced and subsequently evaluated are…

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Top 5 Physiotherapy Machines used in Pain Relief at Home

About the Physiotherapy Machines Every time we workout, the purpose is to get worn out and cause stress to our body so that it is used to taking up stress…

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