Importance of Footrest

importance of backrest

The footrest is healthy for your back and legs!

Do you know our feet tell a lot about our health, but sadly, most of us tend to ignore the pain and discomfort signals until it becomes unbearable?

Ergonomic furniture everyone wants, as it supports and provides the overall health benefits along with right posture. Ergonomic chairs available in offices focus on your neck, shoulder and back, but what about your feet?

Fear not! Beautiful and healthy feet are just a few steps away. An ergonomic footrest is designed to reduce risks of injury, back discomfort and fatigue and provide you with a good posture.

So let’s discuss, what is footrest and what is its importance?

Healthy feet are essential for mobility, yet most of us don’t look after them as like we do to the other body parts. This ignorance resulting in strained and fatigued feet to overcome the problem related to foot an ergonomic footrest is one of the best tools.

Footrest or footstool is an ergonomic accessory that is designed primarily to provide support and comfort while you are sitting. Full body support is vital for overall well being. It reduces the problem related to legs and lessens the risk lower back pain.

Here’s are some reasons why footrest is important for you.

Enhanced blood circulation:

Enhanced blood circulation

sitting for a prolonged period of time with no activity during long working hours, results in poor blood circulation, swelling and pain in legs and lower back region. The ergonomic footrest provides proper support and improves blood circulation in the legs and feet region, thus reduces the overall pressure from your legs as well as the lower back. Frequent break (for 10 min every hour) during long working hours is also recommended as it enhances the overall physical activity of the body.

Correct posture:

Correct posture

first and foremost, stop slouching, sitting in slouch position resulting in poor posture and back pain. Maintaining the right posture is essential, and for that, you need to keep your hips region slightly higher than your knees. Along with the ergonomic chair, an ergonomic footrest serves an important role in maintaining correct posture. It will help you to keep your feet in the right position hence alleviate the pressure from the backs of legs.

An excellent option for shorter people:

An excellent option for shorter people

the footrest is the good friend of a short person. One of the common problems with short physique people is that they may not reach the ground while working with regular office chairs in this case ergonomic footrest offers numerous benefits. It helps people to keep their feet flat against the ground thus promotes equal weight distribution on both feet and reduces pain on legs and back region.

Lower back problem:

Lower back problem

Sitting with improperly positioned feet during long working hours put strains on the spine resulting in back pain. An ergonomic footrest helps you to sit correctly with full-body supports, thus reducing pressure on your spine and prevent back pain.



The footrest is very comfortable; anyone can sit for a prolonged period of time with footrest. With an ergonomic footrest your feet and whole body feel a lot better and fresh full day.


The footrest is perfect for adjustable desks and helps you to stand for more time without putting any strain on your body muscles. Its adaptable nature helps to relax and soothe your feet.

Ergonomic footrest:

ergonomic footrest

An ergonomic footrest is a specially designed footrest for those individuals that suffer from poor blood circulation and poor posture problem while sitting for a prolonged period of time. It is also a good friend of short physique person that have trouble reaching the floor while sitting. Along with the ergonomic chair, a footrest is a perfect way of getting a healthy posture, enhanced blood circulation and reduces the chances of back discomfort, injury, and pain.

The ergonomic footrest can ease your leg problem and reduces the risk of the lower back issue.

The ergonomic footrest is uniquely crafted that helps in improving the blood circulation and facilitates right posture.

Ergonomic footrest comes with a fully adjustable and non-slippery platform that ensures maximum relief and comfort.

Feel healthy and painless feet with ergonomic footrest.

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