Fitbit Versa – A must have Health & Wellness Device!!

In today’s era of smart world, should smart watch be just another fashion accessory? Is a Smart Watch really useful and needed?? Is it just a piece to reflect your style statement or is it an essential gadget on the go…???

Well, the days of a watch just telling time are long gone. With the invention of the Smart Watch it has been proved just how technologically advanced society has become. A Smart Watch has opened up a Whole new World of Possibilities by being a constant Personal companion and ensuring your Health & Wellness. The small yet useful piece of tech gadget is becoming more and more dependable & inseparable.

What does a smartwatch do for you?

Internet access enables a smart watch with whole world of potential capabilities, like message notifications, GPS navigation and calendar synchronization. And of course, a Bluetooth connection to your phone means the watch can help you place calls or send and receive messages.

But, Is that all we need and expect from a Watch? NO!!!

Advantages of a smart watch:

  • Unlike old watches, you can tell time + plenty of features
  • The best travel buddy sitting on your wrist
  • Works as a good fitness tracker
  • Reply to SMS, receive calls instantly
  • Your notification peeks in the smart watch
  • You are even connected while doing activities
  • It keeps you connected longer than your phone
  • Your entertainment is on the wrist

With the tech market flooding with lots of models of smart watches The Fitbit Versa — which, the company says, is short for “Versatile” can be a great Health & Wellness Buddy!! With it’s better design, lower price point and orientation towards Health & Wellness, it’s certainly the best thing that could happen in this space at this point in time.

Fitbit Versa is the first non-Apple smart watch that’s worth your time. It comes in a bunch of different color options, including a black, silver and rose gold with a peach strap.


The Versa’s screen measures 1.34 inches — which makes it smaller than Apple’s 38mm model. It includes fitness and sleep tracking, heart-rate monitoring and onscreen workouts. The company claims the battery should last around four days on a single charge, with normal use. There’s around 2.5GB of storage for offline music, so one can always store the favourite tracks and enjoy while working out or travelling.

Versa looks fabulous in Space black and rose gold. The classic watch case is made from aluminum and one of three elastomer bands—black, peach, or gray.

Versa is, well, versatile enough to be worn to a business meeting or a night out. At just 23 grams, Versa is also incredibly light, even when using one of the heavier metal link bracelets. Swapping the bundled sport band for one of the 16 leather or fabric ones Fitbit is easy enough, and the watch can be controlled with a small lever that controls a standard 22mm watch pin.

As predicted, it excelled at fitness tracking with multi-day battery life and on-watch coaching. Without the extra frame, Versa’s bands attach directly to the edges of the watch body, giving it a more natural wristwatch look.

It is a great fitness tracker with a focus on health specialised in on-watch training, exercise tracking, and advanced heart rate monitoring. It runs the Fitbit OS and library of apps have been greatly expanded from the early days of Ionic. You’ll find a decent selection of apps, including Yelp, The New York Times, Philips Hue, and Nest, as well as several fitness-related apps.

Another appealing feature of Fit bit is being water resistant. Versa is water-resistant up to 50 meters and ready for anything life throws at you, so go ahead and take it in the shower or the pool. Plus, Versa comes equipped with a swim mode so you can track real-time laps, exercise duration, and calories burned on device.

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