COVID 19 Care for Diabetics : How to live without worries?


There is no doubt regarding the vulnerability of diabetic patients specifically, not just because of their prevalent conditions, but due to the various ramifications a medical condition like diabetes has. In middle of pandemic its important to give special attention to COVID 19 care for diabetics . If one is vigilant about one’s condition, it becomes easier to monitor and thereby control one’s blood sugar level. As with any other niches of life, it is important to understand the depth of the problem before taking measures to chalk out solutions, and the case of diabetes is no different.

Here is what you need to comprehend if you are a diabetic and if you are looking for solutions to lower risk of infection and thereby, keep yourself and your loved ones safe. If you are a diabetic earnestly looking for answers, you have indeed come to the right place.

Blood Sugar and COVID 19 Care for Diabetics – The Elephant in the Room

You must be wondering how diabetes tends to spike up chances and risks of infection—the answer lies in the sporadic changes of blood sugar levels. It is observed that there is a clear correlation between the diabetics and high chances of infection.

How this translates to real world numbers, one might ask—and the numbers are alarming when it comes to understanding COVID numbers too. Dr Sunil Mishra, a renowned endocrinologist, has claimed that the average diabetic increases the chances of infection by COVID by almost 10%, and albeit this might not sound as alarming to the uninitiated eye—this also means that the individual has increased the chances of COVID propagation in their body manifold—which gets even higher once the virus starts multiplying exponentially.

This is the basic reason why diabetics tend to have higher chances of exposure and subsequent infection, and why prophylaxis becomes such a complication—precisely why diabetics have been persistently requested to maintain as much social contact as possible and follow COVID 19 care for diabetics guidelines.

Feasible Solutions—What is COVID 19 care for Diabetic

While it is fair (and justified) to ponder on the ongoing pandemic and be disquieted about the idea of risking yourself to such a predicament, it is more logical to think about solutions and bypasses to keep yourself and your family safe. As a diabetic, you are expected to have higher vigilance and awareness, and hence it is quintessential for you to keep the following in mind in order to sail through the ongoing COVID pandemic, especially because of your medical condition.

  • Refrain from being an in-house physician (quite literally). Considering the fact that you are a diabetic, it is presumed that you are on a high medication list that keeps your blood sugar levels in check. It would be rather asinine on your part to not only swap medications, but stop taking them altogether. In these times of shortage, it may quite well be plausible that you are not getting the exact prescribed medications—which simply means that you should ideally contact your doctor (using telecommunication methods—avoid going to hospitals and risking yourself exposure against the virus) and get your medications swapped or changed. The worst you can do at this juncture is further spike your blood glucose levels—do not skip your routine medication.
  • Exercise—there is no better substitute. The triviality of the exercise is hardly taken into consideration as long as you are working your body and keeping blood glucose levels in check. Be it a short span of skipping, or a good session of HIIT, it is rather important to keep your body moving (indoors) when the ongoing lockdown has made life otherwise, sedentary. Additionally, you are requested to eat healthy. Avoid any sort of fried or junk items, and try to inculcate fruits and juices in your daily diet.
  • Pandemic management on an individual level—social distancing, staying indoors, and abiding by instructions penned down by the government—these should be followed unhesitatingly. If you find the dire need to go out, ensure that you are well protected with a mask. Carry hand sanitizers with you, and use it rather injudiciously when it comes to quantities—insomuch that even if you hold something as a door knob, ensure that you sanitize your digits.

To Conclude—Prevention is Better than Cure

As humans, we have always sought ways to prevent any measures that could prove detrimental to ourselves and the ones we care about, and diabetes is just a modern-day complication whose solution roots lie in the age-old saying of “prevention is better than cure”. While it takes a lot of effort to ameliorate one’s blood glucose and thereby one’s way of life, it does not take much to prevent this vile condition from taking place altogether. Leading a healthy lifestyle, avoiding any sort of unpleasant attributes such as obesity at bay, and regular exercise should do the job. While the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has proved to be harsh on diabetics, it is also a wake-up call for ones genetically predisposed to the said condition and follow COVID 19 care for diabetics guidleines.

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