7 Best Back Support Belts in India

7 best back support belts in india

A lot of people suffer from an inadequate and improper back structure. The backbone of the body consists of spines or vertebrae. The vertebrae of the lumbar region support more of the upper body weight and provide proper posture to the body. But sitting for long hours exerts enough stress to the spines of lumbar and sacral regions which may lead to back pain. A back support belt could be chosen from the best back support belts to get relief from back pain and perfectly structured back, which pushes you to stay straight. Commonly known as LS belt for back pain or back pain belt, is a belt-like instrument which sticks to the body and adequately settles in curves of lumbar spine region. Lumbar support belt benefits not only by giving you proper shape and support to the body but also reduces the tension over lumbar muscles. It helps to keep the muscles relaxed for long hours. It helps us to look perfect and stay active and fit.

There are various back braces, and each has its function. The most frequently recommended is the lower back support belt, which supports the lumbar spine. These are lightweight and can be covered inside the clothes, which ultimately makes it highly portable and comfortable for the user.
Back braces are categorized as flexible, semi-rigid and rigid back braces. Flexible and semi-rigid braces are used for mild to moderate pain and rigid braces tend to be used for moderate to severe back pain. These braces are very helpful to relieve pain from sciatica and disk problems.

Here is the list of the top 7 best support belts for back pain relief and accurate posture

1. Tynor Lumbo Lace pull Brace Universal Size

lumbo lacepull brace

Lumbo lace pull brace is a spinal brace which covers all dorsal, lumbar and sacral vertebrae. It immobilizes the spine in a neutral position and permits the requisite body movement. It is an advanced brace designed with the semi-rigid posterior back panel and multiple pulleys drove mechanisms to emphasize controlled pressuring effects for the stabilization of lower back pain. It requires lesser force for old age users to achieve high compression and immobilization. It works with lace pull mechanism and provides independent pressure on thoracic and lumbar vertebrae. Less force is requisite to provide high compression.


  • The rigid back panel is lightweight and provides perfect immobilization. It allows accurate posture correction by maintaining the spine in a neutral position.
  • Horizontal chest splint restricts the torso movements for effective immobilization of entire torso-lumbar region. It also corrects the shoulder posture.
  • This brace design allows change of degree of compression while wearing. Has a highly ventilated body. One size fits a large population.
  • It is helpful for the management of spinal stenosis, non-displaced spinal fractures, Herniated discs and Degenerative spinal pathologies.

2. Tynor Lumbo Lace Pull Brace Special Size

lacepull brace special size
Tynor Lumbo Lace pulls Brace is one of the best back support belts and also available in special sizes. It consists of the semi-rigid posterior back panel, and multiple pulleys are driven mechanisms to relieve lower back pain. It works with a similar mechanism like Tynor Lumbo Lacepull Brace Universal Size. This brace also helps to reduce stress on the back muscles, indirectly increasing their strength.


  • It is helpful for the management of spinal stenosis, non-displaced spinal fractures, Herniated discs and Degenerative spinal pathologies.
Size Inches cm
Universal 28-40 70-100
Special Size 40-52 100-130

3. OppoLumbar Sacro (LS) Support 2168

Oppo Lumbar Sacro Support is designed innovatively to maintain erect posture and stability to the spinal cord. Oppo also delivers one of the best back support belts in India. LS belt can provide optimal support and comfort fibre contents with 70% of Polyester and 30% Rubber sizes. The netting material in the lumbar support belt provides a comfortable fit. The straps of Oppo LS Belt extended from the back and stretched to the desired tension, then after adhering to side panels.

It is available in different sizes – Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL.


  • It consists of breathable mesh fabric which ensures fit and comfort. It provides four flexible stays which provide extra support as well as stability to the lumbar area.
  • It is useful in low back pain, spondylolisthesis, spondylosis and PIVD (Prolapsed intervertebral disc).

4. Donjoy Lumbar Support Belt My strap

lumbar support belt mystrap
Donjoy My strap Semi-Rigid lumbo-sacral support belt is useful for those who have lower back pain. It provides semi-rigid support that prevents painful movements, thus aids in pain relief.
It consists of 4 semi-rigid dorsal stays which stabilize the sacro-lumbar area. It also contains hand loop and finger loop and bilateral straps, which assists ease of adjustment and adjust compression level. 


  • It helps in prevention of movements; hence, it acts as a postural reminder for patients.
  • It is used in the management of acute backache and subacute lower back pain.
Size cm
Small 70-89
Medium 90-112
Large 113-135

5. Cloud Hut Unisex back support posture corrector brace

posture corrector
It provides posture support and helps you with back posture correction by shifting the shoulders forward to attain proper alignment of the back.


  • This neck and shoulder brace is made up of Neoprene, which provides extra comfort.
  • It provides relief from upper back pain also, and you will feel less strain on the shoulders.
  • Easy to use – it is of one size for both women as well as men, fully adjustable to fit any body frame.
  • It makes terrible posture correction easier, and you can use this under clothes, at home or work.

6. VisscoSacro Lumbar Belt Double Strapping New Design

lumbar belt double straping
It is made up of ventilated elastic, which facilitates air flow. It consists of unique fibre malleable moulded material and double elastic strapping for firm support. It is designed to provide rigid and comfortable back support.


  • It supports the back muscles, promotes good posture, provides therapeutic relief for lumbar spine and reduces pelvic autorotation.
  • It also provides proprioceptive compression which stimulates metabolism and reduces muscular discomfort.
  • It is used in low back pain, spinal injuries, muscular imbalances in the lumbar spine region. It is also used in the management of various spine conditions like spondylosis, slipped disc and osteochondrosis.

7. GenkentMagnetic Therapy Posture Corrector, Shoulder Back Support Belt

magnetic therapy shoulder and back support
It works by training muscles and spine to their natural alignment. 
This brace is consist of thin straps which make the brace virtually invisible under clothing.


  • This product is effective in reducing neck pain, back pain, lumbar pain, and corrects body posture quickly.
  • It can be worn anywhere at work, home or while exercise.

Adding a back brace to the treatment regimen is useful to improve mobility and pain score better than pain medication and other physical therapies. Wear a lumbar support belt and potentiate your back pain treatment.


  1. I have a fusionof L5 s1 . I am not able to sit erct. I use my right hand while sitting on my bed. Is there any supporting device.

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