Middle Age: Precautions for Back Pain!

Sometimes even just bending over to pick up a pen from the floor can take a toll on your back! By taking simple precautions for back pain in your daily…

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Age Related Back Pain: Causes and Easy Management Strategies!

Around 60-80% of individuals’ experience low back pain at some point in their lives. According to a study conducted in 2015; “An estimated 5-10% of cases may develop chronic low…

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7 tips to ease back pain while travelling

7 tips to ease back/neck pain while travelling

Who doesn’t love to travel! But, it becomes often challenging for many people with back issues. Just getting to your destination can take a toll on your joints, muscles, and…

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10 benefits of good posture during long working hours

Time and again, we all have heard these pieces of advice “Don’t slouch!”, “Sit up straight!” “Stand tall!” But, mostly we tend to ignore the implications of these simple advice….

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relieve back pain at work

Relieve Back Pain at Work with 9 Easy Ways

A healthy state of your back should be of utmost priority! Back pain is the second leading cause of influencing work and more than 5-billion-dollar every year are being spent…

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importance of posture

Back Pain Relief: Importance of Good Posture While Sitting

“Stop slouching or sit up straight”! Posture is the position maintained by the body while sitting, standing or lying down. Poor posture is the root cause of muscle spasms, fatigue…

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back pain relief

6 Most Effective Acupressure Points for Back Pain Relief

Does frequent backaches, stiffness in your back and spasms cause havoc in your daily routine? If yes, then here we’ll enlighten you about a magical therapy which will relieve your…

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back pain occur

10 Reasons Explaining Why does back pain occur?

Back pain is a prevalent problem among the individuals of the age group between 35 to 55 years. But do you know that Why does back pain occur? According to…

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common spine problems

Common spine problems and their treatment

Common spine problems are even common concern! These days it lies among the major chunk of the population. Spine disorders are highly prevalent, and its ever-increasing number of patients worldwide…

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importance of backrest

Importance of Footrest

The footrest is healthy for your back and legs! Do you know our feet tell a lot about our health, but sadly, most of us tend to ignore the pain…

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