5 Best Nebuliser Machines in the Indian Market

Modernisation in the country, be it the ever-increasing number of skyscrapers or factories, or the incessant rise in the number of vehicles on the road—all have been accumulating the problem…

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heating pad in indian market

Top 9 Heating Pads In Indian Market

With winters seeping into the country as much as it is in one’s bones, it would be rather blissful to expect (and receive) any warmth one can garner—a hot cup…

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best massager review

Top 9 Best Massagers in India: 2021 Reviews & Buying

How to Choose the Best Massager ? With the idea of achieving the “American dream”, humans have unknowingly turned their rather interesting lives into a conglomeration of mundane, daily chores,…

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Neck Pain Causes and Treatment

What is Neck Pain? Neck pain is a debilitating condition – it affects your physical and mental health, your everyday routine, your social life. It’s common enough to be understood…

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10 Causes of Foot Pain You Should be Aware of

Feet are the foundation of our body! The feet serve a lot for us daily from walking, running, climbing to maintaining body balance but, no one takes them seriously until…

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What Causes Cervical Pain its Symptoms and Diagnosis

Cervical pain, a second most prominent pain after back pain! Cervical or neck pain is the pain associated with spondylolysis or osteoarthritis of neck and affects the bones, disc or…

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Back Pain After Accident

Approaches to Reduce Back Pain After Accidental Falls

Back pain after accidental falls and sudden slips can be a very common process to experience. Approaches to Manage Back Pain After Accident A sudden fall or slip can be…

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Weight and back pain

Higher Body Weight and Back Pain Risk

Isn’t your back completely supporting you and causing you to trouble consistently, even after taking proper treatment to avoid back pain? Then you are not following the precautions that need…

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Anti-inflammatory Food for Back Pain Relief

What is the first management regimen that comes to your mind when suffering from back pain? Undoubtedly, the pain relief medications that can provide instant relief from back pain, but…

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7 foods that cause back pain

7 Foods that Cause Back Pain

Over the past few decades, the prevalence of low back pain has increased affecting up to 90% of people during their lifetime. The high prevalence of back pain may be…

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