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Brand value been an arbitrary term that been looked upon by all classes of citizens a pivotal aspect of consideration before purchasing a product. The general demographic always been predisposed towards products made by brands that have had a great reputation in terms of product quality, durability, efficiency, after-sales service, customer support, and so forth, is evident from brands that manufacture cars, or make technological devices, and so on.

In the intricate and delicate aspect of healthcare, Accusure is rightly regarded the product of choice when it comes to utility devices that one can use at home for either quick measurements of bodily attributes or initial stages to achieve symptomatic relief against a multitude of factors that either hamper daily activities or is a bane altogether

About the AccuSure Products

Accusure the widest range of available products that serve to solve, ameliorate, or diminish altogether, the sense of feeling uneasy, unhealthy, or uncomfortable, the case may be. In this regard, if one is having issues with an abnormal state of blood sugar, company has covered by means of it glucometer; in this day and age of severe pollution, if one is in dire need to deal with the rise in pollutants head on, Accusure hit covered too, by means of its nebulisers.

With the advent of modernisation, there is an observable sedentary life, and along with this comes a ton of complications in the form of postural incompatibilities, but Accurate yet again proved to be beneficial in terms of its products like their heaters and heating pads. With the previously mentioned sedentary life, there is an absurd increase in obesity rates and weight gains too—and company believes that assessing it is the primary step to abate or at least reduce it. In this regard, Accusure is also equipped with fat analysers and so on. It is, therefore, evident, that Accusure hall the products one can avail in order to live a life bereft of health complications, for the betterment of one’s sense of well-being.

accusure glucometer with 25 test strips
accusure glucometer machine with 25 strips

AccuSure Glucometer with 25 Test Strips

It is an established fact that diabetes is a modern-day disorder that is mostly due to lifestyle changes, and terrible lifestyle choices. Diabetes has proven to be one of the leading causes of death and loss in the country, and not just one swift other means, but it is a slow, messy process, that makes the subject undergo agonising pain for over a span of years if not decades. Diabetes is one of those disorders that causes loss of life by slow, meandering processes—initially hitting the eye, followed by the kidney, and finally, the liver.

  • The AccuSure Glucometer is one such device that helps in monitoring blood glucose levels, thereby helping the subject to gauge any abnormality in its attributes, thus serving an important precursor to keeping one’s blood glucose level in check.
  • It is ergonomically designed for easier grip well pinpoint accuracy. This is particularly important inaccurate blood glucose measurements lead to improper medication suggestions.
  • The AccuSure Glucometer is rather easy to use, considering that it comes with pre-set algorithms, and therefore, no coding is required.
  • The AccuSure Glucometer also comes with 25 strips an accessory, only adding to its value for money proposition.
accusre blood pressure machine with usb port
Accusrue Blood Pressure Machine With USB Port

Accusure Blood Pressure Machine with USB Port

Automation is one of those technological features that humans have always desired to accomplish—irrespective of the sphere of life concerned, and this very well extends to monitoring and measuring blood pressure well. The AccuSure Automatic Blood Pressure Monitoring System precisely serves to fulfil that purpose with its simple-to-use interface and ease of accessibility and handling.

  • It comes with an extra-large LCD panel that enables users to easily monitor blood pressure.
  • The Automatic Blood Pressure Monitoring System comes with a high precision strain gauge sensor system that not only makes readings more precise, but does so consistently.
  • It comes with a one-touch operation system that makes handling and usage rather simplified.
  • When it comes to accessories, it is enabled with a USB port that helps to transfer data to one’s PC.

Arrhythmia is one of those prevalent yet dreaded conditions in mankind, and the AccuSure Automatic Blood Pressure Monitoring System aids in its initial detection, if not amelioration. With a minimum asking price, it is by far one of the most effective products for its price.

accusure mesh nebuliser machine
Accusure Mesh Nebuliser

AccuSure Mesh Nebulizer – Portable with Advanced features

Possibly one of the most compact nebulisers in the market right now, the Mesh Nebulizer is ergonomically designed keeping in mind the modern human who does not have too much breathing space (pun intended?) for rest. It has been designed with near perfection to suit the needs of a multitude of individuals, adults and children alike.

The AccuSure Mesh Nebulizer is by far one of the most desirable products because of its versatility, both in design and function. Mesh-based nebulisation combines a superfine mesh with ultrasonic vibrations to create extremely minute particles that help in delivering the medicine right into the lungs and not just till the airway. This will further transfer by inhalation treatment using masks or mouthpieces to patients’ respiratory system, thereby increasing efficiency, and to a great extent, potency.

  • Coming with an automated system, the Mesh Nebulizer is by far one of the easiest products to use and toggle around.
  • It comes with a variety of masks and filters as accessories, at no additional cost.
  • Considering this is battery operated, the Mesh Nebulizer can be used as a carry product when travelling. Additionally, it comes with a USB port, making it easier to transfer its data to PC for better monitoring, as well as granting it the ability to be charged via USB.

With a mist-balance technology, the AccuSure Mesh Nebulizer is by far one of the most efficient products when it comes to transferring medication to one’s tracheal system, ensuring the least amount of discomfort. Additionally, it comes with a few precautions one must bear in mind—this is where the instruction manual comes in handy.

accusure nebuliser machine sl
accusure nebulizer machine

AccuSure Nebulizer SL

It is an established fact that one of the most exasperating aspects of winter is a running nose, other than the very pestering lower respiratory tract congestion—these are possibly what makes winters a terrible fit for some. This is where the AccuSure Nebulizer SL comes into play, for its perfect balance of functionality and ergonomics makes it one of the most effective devices one can use to tackle respiratory errors.

  • The nebuliser comes with a compact design that makes it one of the easiest products to carry around, thereby making it a suitable fit for ones aiming for their favourite travel destination during winters for their social media gratification.
  • The Nebulizer SL is also equipped with a plethora of filters and masks that are configurable, making it one of the most versatile products available in the market.
accusure bamboo yarn - knee cap
Accusure Bamboo Yarn – Knee Support

AccuSure Bamboo Yarn – Knee Support

  • Arthritis subjects can relate how agonisingly painful the joint aches can be. In this regard, the Bamboo Yarn knee support proves to be both effective and resistant when it comes to dealing with pains that are accompanied along with senescence and aided by winters.
  • Its bi-layered construction enables the user to be maximally treated against pain and aches of any kind. Moreover, this construction provides a greater sense of both support and comfort alike.
  • The patented thermophilic cotton ensures comfort in all weather conditions
  • It is rather elastic and stretchable, and therefore provides effective compression and comfort alike. The intricate knitting retains body heat, and provides unconditional warmth and support.
accusure body massager
Accusure Body Massager

Accusure Body Massager

The Body Massager is a strictly compact and lightweight vibrating massager which will provide relief to body pain and stiffness of any kind. This device is ideal for stiffness across various places in the body, including the neck, back, knees, arms, legs, and so forth

  • The Body Massager is a very compact and handy device with a light weight. It can be easily carried by the user to different places. This device will not take up extra space and will easily fit in anywhere.
  • The Accusure Body Massager is a vibrating massager which aids to all kinds of pain and stiffness caused due to excess stress and tension.
  • The Body Massager has 3 sets of different massaging attachments, thereby giving the user a great sense of modality.
  •  The Body Massager has adjustable speed level with two sets of intensity. The user can use or change the speed of vibration according to his or her level of comfort, adding yet another reason why this product is so customisable.
accusure orthopaedic heating pad
accusure orthopaedic heating pand

AccuSure Electric Orthopaedic Heating Pad

  • Orthopaedic pain can be one of the most disastrous ones that can happen to humankind. For those who have suffered from it, or are still subject to such discomfort, the Accusure Electric Orthopaedic Heating Pad can be the perfect product for the said audience.
  • The Electric Orthopaedic Heating Pad comes with a patented overheat system that helps in ensuring that the heat is spread evenly as well as deeply to the deepest tissues where the pain is most severe. The overheat system is also instrumental in alarming the subject when there is overheating in the system, thereby preventing both electrical damage and tissue malfunction.
  • Ironically, the Electric Orthopaedic Heating Pad comes with a washable, waterproof cloth fabric. This makes it easier to clean and replace the cloth work as and when needed.
  • The Accusure Electric Orthopaedic Heating Pad comes with a modulating temperature control mechanism that helps the user to customise the temperature settings according to comfort levels.
accusure mercury sphygmomanometer with 4.2mm capillary
Accusure Mercury Sphygmomanometer with 4.2mm Capillary

AccuSure Mercury Sphygmomanometer with 4.2mm capillary

The Mercury Sphygmomanometer comes along with a cuff pad, along with an HG scale for easier calculation of the blood pressure quickly, efficiently and accurately. The cuff pad is designed to expand and restrict the blood flow, that allows accurate calculation of blood pressure. It is also highly portable and therefore easier to carry and store in clinics, hospitals and chambers and in your houses too.

  • The AccuSure Mercury Sphygmomanometer is fairly compact and easy to carry.
  • The AccuSure Mercury Sphygmomanometer is comparatively easy to use. It is very good for preliminary assessment. It is simple to use even for the uninitiated.
  • This device is very promising when it comes to durability. Heavy duty and long lasting silicone tubing with 4.2mm capillary and hard solid metal body adds to the longevity of the machine.
dr gene accusre digital weighing scale sf- 180b
Dr.Gene accusure digital weighing scale

Dr. Gene Accusure Digital Weighing Scale SF-180B

  • Modernisation has exponentially increased obesity, vascular complications, sense of feeling rather unfit, and so forth. In this regard, while treating it is a long-term process, assessing the increase in weight is a fair start. This is exactly where the Dr. Gene Accusure Digital Weighing Scale SF-180B comes into play.
  • It has the capability of measuring weights right from 3-180 kilograms, therefore providing a great spectrum of weight measurement.
  • It has high-precision sensors, that measure even the slightest of weights, therefore rendering it capable to measure even the slightest weight displacements.
  • The large LCD display makes the measurement more convenient by aiding in easier and clearer visibility. Additionally, the auto switch on-off mechanism makes it easier to operate.
Accusre f56 body fat analyzer bmi
Accusure f56 fat analyzer

Accusure f56 Body Fat Analyzer with Weight, BMI, Body Fat Index

  • The Accusure f56 Body Fat Analyzer has been designed to check your body fat accurately. It will also measure weight, inform the subject about body fat index, body mass index (BMI), and so forth. The Accusure f56 Body Fat Analyzer sends a harmless electric signal throughout the body. The Accusure f56 Body Fat Analyzer then detects the amount of fat in the body according to the speed at which the signal travels. If the signal travels slowly, it implies that the body has more amount of fat.
  • The f56 body fat analyzer comes with a weight scale, indicating accurate body weight to the user.
  • This device has been designed to detect the bone mass of the user too.

This device accurately measures the body fat index of the user and lets the user know about the fat percentage in the body. This also measures the body water percentage too, thereby providing a rather large metric of measurements that the subject can understand

In Conclusion

Life is rather complicated, both physically and otherwise. With the advent of modernisation, physical complications are on the rise- however, Accusure has it all covered when it comes to early detection, assessment, and in the long run, primary measure of treatment

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