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Recommend Solutions

Recommend Products to Your Patients from the wide range of Innovative collection for their faster recovery.

Forward Leads

Short of Time? Let us be Your extended arm by assisting Your Patients with the right option, product usage and Care Support.

Clinic Supplies

We understand Your needs! Stack ups Your clinic equipment & other supplies & let us serve You for your bulk and repeat requirements.

Resources - Videos & Articles

Videos & Articles by our Specialists on Best Practices, Product Usage. Conditions & Exercises Forward to your Patients quickly & conveniently for Faster recovery.

My Favourites

Customise the App & Make it Your own! Create Your personal Favourites with collections of Products & Resources most relevant to You.

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A Trusted Shopping App to Buy Health & Wellness products for Clients & patients.

At Medday, One of the best online Healthcare and Wellness products app. we have products and solutions for various segments like Doctor, Physiotherapist, Clinics, Hospitals, Sports Stadiums, Gyms, Chemist Shops and their patients & customers.

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Innovative Solutions for all Your Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy

Orthopedic Aids

Orthopedic Aids & Rehabilitation products

Hospital Supplies

For Your Hospital & Clinic needs


Who are the users for this App?

This App is created for Healthcare professionals like:

  • Doctors - Orthopedic Surgeons, General Physicians, Diabetologists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Clinics & Hospitals
  • Chemists

How do I register in the App?

Search & Download the Meddey: Health & Wellness Products App from Google Play Store and press "Sign Up". Fill up your details & Submit. Our Care executive shall Call you back to get your details and shall enable your Login from backend After which you can Sign in.

How much time does it take for my Login Approval?

It typically takes 2 working days to approve membership requests. However, any specific urgent requests can be taken on priority and approved instantly.

What type of Products are available in the App?

There is a wonderful collection of products under various sub-categories as Physiotherapy: Modalities, Occupational Therapy, Tapes & Bands, Roller & Mats, Equipment, Accessories Orthopedic Aids: Cervical Pillows, Backrests, Hot & Cold Packs, Support & Splints, Rehabilitation, Ergonomics Hospital Supplies: Essentials, Glucometers, BP Machines, Medical Equipment, Nebulizers, Personal Care

Any product not listed in the App - what to do?

In the event that you need a specific product or brand, do "Forward Lead" to us or convey to "Maya" - Your Whatsapp support agent and we shall make all efforts to serve you with our best.

What about Customer Support?

Maya - Your Whatsapp support agent is always available for any quick support you may need! It remains available on top of any screen and you can ask her for anything from the world of Meddey.

I want to contribute by having my Video / Blog listed in the App - how can I do so?

You can share links or your Videos / blogs - even your feedback - to us and after review by our Specialist team, we shall upload it on our App and Youtube channel. We may also promote relevant and nicely made content on our facebook channels.

What are the benefits to me for this App?

Having an App on your fingertips has immense benefits like:

  • Enhances Patient Satisfaction
  • Improves patient-doctor rapport
  • Enables Solution Approach in treatment
  • Strengthens loyalty

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About Us

Meddey Values

Meddey was born with the need to engage with healthcare professionals and consumers to deliver Seperior Quality, Incredible Value at the Right Price. Meddey promises it's associates an exceptional experience with most diverse and intuitive product selection for patients suffering from chronic diseases or in need of rehabilitation. We are passionate about our values: